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Remit Money Fast For Less The Price Using WorldRemit Promo Code

Remitting money through various digital platforms has become the go-to solution for many countries. Instead of going to banks or a middleman that charges a fee, sending money online has helped millions send the bulk of their funds to their loved ones across the globe. But why not send money and get savings in return? This is what the WorldRemit Promo Code is for.


Introducing WorldRemit:

WorldRemit was the brainchild of Ismail Ahmed back in the 1980s. He wanted to wire some money to his family but had to go through an agent who charged a fee for the transaction. Looking back at his experiences with money transfers, Ahmed realized that he had to revolutionize how people sent their hard-earned money to their loved ones without paying a high fee. This was when the company was born.

After a decade, it is still staying strong and has assisted more than 5.7 million people across the globe when it comes to their money. They offer different options for getting cash to their recipients, such as bank transfers, money picks up, or send as mobile money. WorldRemit has thought of every possible way to do a money transfer. The best part? Money transfers are approved within minutes, which means that you can always assure your loved ones that you have their back regardless of where you are.

The Perks of WorldRemit

Out of all the money remittances in the world, you probably think, why use this money remittance application? It's straightforward. This online remittance site provides multiple perks to their customers, such as:

Fast Remittance.

Sending money to your loved ones will not take days. Instead, your money will be credited to their accounts or their mobile phones within minutes. It doesn't matter what device you are using to send funds; they are guaranteed to receive it fast. This beats having to wait for banks to release your money to another bank or waiting for processing time online to have the recipient withdraw your money. All it takes is a few minutes, and the funds will be ready.

Lower Transfer Fees.

One of the reasons WorldRemit is a popular choice for sending money is its low fees. They take pride in its transparency, which means that you will not be surprised by any hidden charges when you send money through this platform. You will find that the site has already provided the transfer fees for each currency on their page, so this is a great time to go through them.

Referral Bonuses.

Customers are rewarded for their referrals with a voucher for both you and your friend. You can use your WorldRemit promo codes in your subsequent transfer for more savings on your part. The best part? Your friend can also save more by sharing their referral code with others! Sharing is caring, after all. Just make sure that those you sent your referral code use it when signing up for this digital remittance platform. This way, both of you can get vouchers when the requirement is met.

Secure Platform.

Understandably, you're worried about sending your money online. But WorldRemit is supported by a world-leading technology that ensures that all transactions are done safely and securely. Not only that, but the company is also regulated by governing bodies, thus ensuring that information is secured or risk penalties.

Zero Fees for First-Timers.

WorldRemit welcomes its first-time users with no transfer fees for their first transaction. If you are unsure about this service, you are given a free money transfer to experience using their platform. The next one will be charged already. But not to worry, the transfer fees are pretty competitive. They are lower compared to other remittance companies out there! This is a great way to test out their platform to see if their service is the right one for you.

Steps on How to Use WorldRemit


If you want to have a World Remit Code 2021, you first need to try the platform yourself. Don't worry; as promised, this program is easy to use and understand. Here's how to do money transfers with this application.

Create an Account.

You will need to sign up first to be eligible for WorldRemit Coupon Code 2021. Registration is free, so there is no need to worry about giving money upfront.

Give Transfer Details.

Choose how you want to send money to your loved ones. Among your options are:

  • Bank Transfer. Has your money been transferred directly to their bank in an instant? You can see how long before your money is credited to their account on your transaction page. You can even use this platform to pay for your purchases in online stores.
  • Cash Pick-Up. When claiming the money you sent, recipients will need to provide proof of identification and the transaction reference number.
  • Mobile Money. Mobile wallets are all the rage these days, so you don't have to bring cash all the time. The digital money is stored in these wallets, which can then be used for any transactions. You can then transfer directly to your recipient's mobile money.
  • Airtime Top-Up. You can also top-up airtime with your family and friends through this site. This way, you will be in constant communication with those who matter.

Select Amount.

Choose the amount you wish to send through the site. You will see competitive exchange rates on their site, plus lower transfer fees, too, which means that you get to save more of your money while sending your loved ones the cash that they need.

Add Details About Your Recipient.

You need to provide details about the recipient of your money so that WorldRemit will know where to send your funds.

Pay for the Transfer.

Select the best option for you to transfer the money. The accepted payment options are debit or credit card, bank transfer, iDEAL, Klarna, Trustly, or Apple Pay.

Once you are done, you only need to wait a few minutes to initiate the transfer. You and your recipient will be notified about the fund transfer, so you will know if they received it or not.

WorldRemit is available in more than 130 countries, which means that you can have your money transferred anytime, anywhere, at minimal cost to you. This is far better than having to look for someone else to do the transferring for you, right?

Keeping Track of Your Money

We want to keep an eye on our money whenever we send one online. This is not uncommon since there is much that can happen when wiring funds. WorldRemit makes sure that you are notified once the money is sent out. If you have an account with WorldRemit, you can log in to keep track of your funds through their app. Go to My Transactions to see the current whereabouts of your funds.

Verifying Identity

It is essential to verify your identity at the initial setup to ensure that you are the account's rightful owner. You will be asked to give additional details or proof of identity, which will not be shared with others. Keep in mind that some delays in your money transfer can happen because WorldRemit has to comply with some regulations.

Delays in Transfer

WorldRemit does promise that your money will be sent out fast. But there may be delays depending on where the money will be sent to. This is why you must double-check all the information before sending the money. You can also experience if you made an error in typing in the details of the recipient. On a good note, WorldRemit will inform you if there are any problems with your transaction.

What is the WorldRemit Wallet?


WorldRemit does provide you with different methods of sending money to your loved ones. But how can they receive their funds on their mobile phone? The best way is to download the WorldRemit Wallet from the Apple Store or Google Play. The Wallet is available in select countries, for now, so you can check their page to know if your country is included in their list.

The good news is that you don't need to have a WorldRemit Wallet to send money. You can use your bank or other accepted payment options to send funds to someone. If the person you are sending money to doesn't have the Wallet yet, and you send them their funds to be credited to it, WorldRemit will notify them how to set up their Wallet to start accessing their money. They will only have 14 days to open their WorldRemit Wallet before the money you sent is returned to you. You can tell them about getting a promotional code if they sign up using your referral code to entice them to open an account.

Withdrawing Funds from WorldRemit Wallet

Now that you have set up your WorldRemit Wallet, you're probably thinking about how to withdraw the funds you have in it. This will depend mainly on your region, but you can transfer your money to your bank, collect it as cash, send it to your mobile, and more.

  • Open your WorldRemit app and go to your Wallet tab. Choose the currency tiles that you want to withdraw from your Wallet.
  • Tap on Transfer.
  • Select Withdraw, then choose the method in which you want to get your money.
  • Type in the amount of money you want to get, then choose to Withdraw now.

WorldRemit will notify you once the money is ready for you to access in your preferred option. That said, you're probably thinking, how do I get a promo code for WorldRemit?

WorldRemit Promotional Offers for First-Timers


First-time users of WorldRemit are treated to a zero-fee first-time transaction by using the code FREE on the promotional code box. If you are looking for a way to send money without paying a high price, this is an excellent place to get you started. But that's not all. There are other ways to save more with WorldRemit.

How to Receive WorldRemit Promo Code through Refer a Friend


You are wondering how to get the WorldRemit coupon code free? This is quite simple. You sign up first to transfer money then you will be given a referral code. Send this code to your family and friends so they can take advantage of the low fees and fast transaction times in WorldRemit.

Now, how do you get your coupon from the remittance site? For you to qualify for the WorldRemit promo code free, your friend needs to sign up using your referral code. Once they send out at least 100 USD, you and your friend will receive a $20 voucher code that you can use in your next transaction.

Any family or friends who sign up because of your referral must include your referral code in their application. This way, the voucher will be credited once the minimum amount of transfer has been met. These WorldRemit promo codes can then be used in different transactions within 12 months. If you do not see your referral code just yet, it may mean that you haven't fulfilled the requirements of sending money first using this platform.

Why Your WorldRemit Promo Code is Not Working

You might be wondering why your WorldRemit promo code today is not working. If it came from your referral, it might be that the person you sent it to has breached the existing Terms and Conditions of the company. It is also possible that your friend has closed their account with WorldRemit, which can also lead to your voucher being deactivated.

If you want to take advantage of the Refer a Friend program of WorldRemit, you will need:

  • Your referred friend is a new customer who will complete the signup process for the Refer a Friend program.
  • Your referral code must be entered in the appropriate box when they create their WorldRemit account.

The WorldRemit promo code free that you got because of this program will be automatically linked to your account. These promos are the only ones that you can use in your transactions. This means that if your friend gave you their voucher code, it would not work too because it is linked to their account.

Another possible reason your WorldRemit coupon is not working is that your transaction does not meet its minimum spending requirement. Like with any other coupon code, some terms and conditions must be met first for the code to be eligible for redemption.

What About the WorldRemit First 3 Free Promo Code?

The number of codes being offered on the site varies from time to time. You might have come across WorldRemit's first three free codes before, but it only ran for a limited time. The deal is for the 3FREE coupon code, which must be used three times in different transactions to complete the discount. This means that the second code cannot be used until the first one has been entered and so on. This coupon was only eligible for first-timers and was one of the best WorldRemit discount codes 2021. However, these codes are already expired.

Where to Find WorldRemit Promo Code?

Are you looking for more WorldRemit promo codes? You are not the only one enjoying faster transactions and low transfer rates for their money these days. Fortunately, there are WorldRemit coupons to be found outside of WorldRemit that you can take advantage of. These deals apply to your transactions on the app or website as long as you have the correct code to use.

Where to find these coupon codes, you ask? Well, there are several online deal finders that you can search for that offer more significant savings when you use WorldRemit to send your money. You can see all the available codes on their pages which you can redeem the next time you use WorldRemit. Note that these coupon codes and vouchers run for a limited time or have their terms and conditions that must be met before the discount is applied.


1. How do I get a WorldRemit code?

You can have your coupons if you sign up. You will need to complete the signup form and remit your money to a recipient to receive the free code. You can also join their newsletter, so you will not miss out on any of their promotional offers.

2. How do I use my WorldRemit code for free?

If you are a first-timer, you need to enter the code on the promotional box when sending money. This way, any existing fees will be reduced. Thus you can save more in the process. Check the terms and conditions first to know how it is best used when doing transactions in WorldRemit.

3. How can I get promo codes?

There are different ways to get a WorldRemit promo code today. The first one is to sign up to avail of their zero-fee coupon code. Like it was mentioned before, this discount code is applied when you send money elsewhere. The second one is through Refer a Friend. This may sound like a lot of work, but there are several perks to encouraging your friends and families to sign up. For starters, when they do sign up using your referral code, you both stand a good chance of receiving your WorldRemit discount code 2021. That is until your friend or family has managed to remit a certain amount once or in a staggered manner before the voucher is sent to both of you.

Three, you can check for WorldRemit coupon codes online. Several sites have WorldRemit promo codes up for grabs. Some reduce money transfer fees, while others give you up to $20 off on your next transaction. These are great deals that you should take advantage of. You need to read the terms and conditions of the codes and vouchers before using them to ensure that they are still valid for redemption.

4. How do I use my WorldRemit voucher code?

If you have received your WorldRemit promo code 2021, thanks to the Refer a Friend program, you might be thinking about how you are going to redeem it. Well, it is pretty straightforward. You start with logging into your account, choosing where to send the money and its currency, the method of where the money will be sent to, and the amount that you want to remit. Look for the appropriate box on the page. It is here where you will enter the code that you have. The offer should be redeemed at this point, but if not, double-check if the code is still eligible or not.

5. How do I enter a promo code on Remitly?

Remitly sends coupon codes to their customers when they meet specific requirements. When this happens, you might be eager to use it already, especially when you need to transfer funds. If you already have an account in Remitly, you will need to log in first. Tap on My Remitly then selects Redeem Offer Code. Enter the code that you have on the field that appeared on your screen. Select Apply Offer to finish entering your promo offer. The value of the redeemed coupon or voucher will be applied to your transaction. Please take note that these promotional codes will expire, so make sure that you use them every chance you get.

Sending money to your family or friends doesn't have to be complicated, nor should it take so long to get it done. If you want money to be made available as soon as you send it, you need to go with WorldRemit. Aside from their fast transaction time, you are also entitled to a WorldRemit promo code that you can redeem the next time you send money using the same platform.