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Silver Moon Drive-in, a Great Place for Perfect Fun

We're all striving to maintain some sort of stability in this contemporary age of this current era, where life appears to change regularly. Even though some advancement has been made, something as easy as a trip to the movies is no longer so effortless. As a result, we become more inventive in our efforts to maintain social distance and cherish life's little, sweet moments. The return in appeal of vintage: the drive-in movie theatre is one of these methods. Any drive-in's nature includes social separation, which makes it a perfect option for its siblings. The Silver Moon Drive-In provides not only a memorable trip back in time but also a terrific opportunity to spend an evening at the films in a safe environment. The independently owned and operated silver moon drive-in theatre in Florida has been showing double features every night since 1948.

Drive-in Cinemas, Actually What They Are?

A drive-in cinema is a movie theatre that is open to the public and is located outside. Audiences are supposed to drive into the cinema and park in front of a giant screen that shows the film. A widescreen, a dedicated parking lot, a projector booth, and a food stand are all common features of a drive-in cinema.


Although many drive-in cinemas include the features listed above, there may be differences between them. The outdoor screen, for example, may be a vast white wall or a building created specifically to show the film. Similarly, the audio from a movie can be provided via huge outdoor speakers, small personal speakers within the car, or radio transmission into the automobile. The latter is the most affordable and widely used method of receiving a movie soundtrack.

Fun for Children

A drive-in cinema can also provide unique attractions. Youngsters’ playgrounds may be available so that children may have fun while their parents watch movies. For extra décor or as a different sort of entertainment, merry-go-rounds, mini trains, and compact golf resorts can be installed within a drive-in cinema. It wasn't uncommon for some drive-in cinemas to incorporate a petting zoo with wild pets as an attraction.

Merits and Demerit of Drive-in Cinemas

There are several advantages to going to a drive-in theatre. Movie fans may see a movie in the leisure of their automobiles while maintaining their privacy. As a consequence, there will be less interruption, resulting in a more enjoyable watching experience. One disadvantage of going to a drive-in theatre is that the movies are best seen at night because the screen is subjected to sunlight during the day, making sight challenges.

Drive-in theatres typically broadcast their audio on an FM radio frequency that the motorist may pick up on their vehicle radio. However, there are a few drawbacks to doing so: leaving the vehicle radio on for the entirety of a 3 entertainment show might deplete the battery since current automobiles require the entire spark plug to be turned on to power the radio.

Silver Moon Drive-in Theatre

The two outside screens are huge enough to be seen from almost every vantage point in both of the two viewing areas. Every car park is assigned a number and can accommodate two vehicles. For everyone, it's being able to see the movie has never been an issue, especially because pick-up vehicles and buses are properly asked to park at the rear, out of politeness for light vehicles.

The movie options alter weekly and can include new movies as well as classics. Given the pandemic's consequences, the latter has increasingly become the focus, but it could still offer a range of trips. Huge loudspeakers transmit the features all over for a small fee of $2 – and with a temporary swap of your driver's license – and they'll lend out smaller speakers to place in your car for the same price. Take your movie night outside for an amazing experience at the Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre, one of Florida's hidden jewels.

The Silver Moon Drive-in theatre uses FM radio to transmit movie sound, although there are still some old-fashioned speaker poles in certain rows if you wish to go back in time. If you decided to visit on the weekends, arrive early since the event will sell out and you will be refused entry. For the $5 lost entry to two first-run movies, this drive-in is a steal. On Saturdays and Sundays, beginning early in the morning, the Silver Moon drive-in theatre, like many other Florida drive-ins, has a swap shop on site.

Ideal for the Whole Family

If you have smaller children, Silver Moon is also appropriate for them. There are two displays, each with a unique double feature. That means at least one of the displays will include an animated option that youngsters will like. Instead of remaining inside and watching more TV, take the family to Silver Moon Drive-In for a movie night beneath the stars.

Silver Moon Drive-in Movies

365 days a year, this drive-in shows four movies every night on its two screens. Due to the pandemic and a paucity of new films coming out of Hollywood right now, they have started screening throwbacks instead of new releases. Silver Moon shuttered in April but reopened with a restricted capacity in May. A one-way line runs through the concessions booth, reminding customers to remain six feet apart. Drive-ins like Silver Moon have witnessed a rebirth as individuals seek activities that they can participate in while maintaining social distance. The silver moon drive-in has recently screened films such as Space Balls, Silence of the Lambs, Terminator, and Shrek 2. A double feature is included in the ticket cost, so you can see two films for the fee of one.

Silver Moon Drive-in Timings

Silver moon drive-in movie times are available on their official website. On Fridays, the latest movie schedule begins. The gates open 1.5 hours before concert time on Friday and Saturday. Gates open 45 minutes to an hour before showtime on Sunday through Thursday. Movies aren't booked weeks in advance since film studios change often. The following weekend's movies are frequently reserved on Monday.

Flee Market at Silver Moon Drive-in

Silver moon drive-in flea market is similar to what a flea market was in the past. There were at least a hundred merchants selling second-hand vehicle parts, household items, jewelry, and clothing. Prices are affordable, and there is plenty of room for negotiation. Although the parking and entry are a little complicated, the lot attendant was courteous and helpful. Customers do not have to pay for admission or parking. You will be charged a modest fee if you desire to sell there. Sunday is a better day to sell than Saturday. Breakfast is said to be offered at 5 a.m. at the market, which opens early. This is the place to go if you're searching for second-hand furniture, coffee machines, or anything else.

Prices for Silver Moon Drive-in

It won't be difficult to incorporate a trip here into your budget since tickets are only $7 with tax for those aged 10 and over, and $3 for youngsters aged 4 to 9 and below 4 years it’s free. Silver moon drive-in prices are reasonable and affordable for everyone.

Snack Bar at Silver Moon Drive-in

Your expenditures at the snack bar contribute to keeping the route open. Want to improve your next movie or trip to the movies? When you pair the perfect movie with these kinds of snacks, the whole experience will be enhanced. Silver moon drive-in Florida menu includes:

  • Popcorn
  • Nachos
  • Pizza
  • Hotdog
  • Soft Drinks
  • Fresh Water Bottles
  • Hot /Corn Dog

Nearby Attractions

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How do I use my silver moon drive-in coupon for free?

The best part is that getting promo codes/coupons for the silver moon drive-in theatre does not need paying any fees. Third-party sources such as online coupons and deal finders may potentially provide a promo code for Silver moon drive-in. They generally provide a list of relevant coupons for the business and its partner retailers, so you can see if they'll work with your buying.

How can I get silver moon drive-in promo codes?

To get updates and discount coupons as they become available, sign up for their subscription with your address. Because the offers come directly from the manufacturer, this is the quickest method to get your eyes on them. The internet can assist you in finding discounts by presenting you with a list of third-party discount rates. You may see what promotions they offer for buying a movie ticket.

How do I use my silver moon drive-in coupon voucher code?

The company's website is where you may utilize your voucher code. You may just imitate the voucher code you have whether you acquired it in an email as part of their mailing or discovered it online. You may then go to their website and start purchasing the show ticket. When you've finished, go to your checkout. Locate the Promo Code text box and put the copied coupon code inside. To claim the discount, don't forget to click the Apply button.

How do I enter the silver moon drive-in promo code?

You may use the promotional coupons you receive as part of your Silver moon drive-in membership every time you buy a ticket. Please keep in mind that each purchase may only use one promotional code. After you've got the coupon code, go to the silver moon drive-in website and book your show ticket. When you're finished, head to the checkout and look for a box labeled "Gift Cards and Promo Codes." In this box, enter the coupon code you have, and then click the Apply option. The discount should be reflected in your purchase's final price or bill.

While many theatres across the world closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, moviegoers are turning to other sources for their big-screen fix, and what better place to do it than in the comfort of their vehicles? Silver moon drive-in is a fantastic place to visit, and the pricing is excellent and well worth it. Unlike other cinemas, they do not overcharge. Concessions are also reasonably priced and do not carry the same exorbitant excess as the others. The staff is quite kind, and the grounds are properly maintained. They make sure that all of the cars' lights are switched off and even show you a method if you can't just turn down your lights, which is very useful for newer automobiles. The cuisine at the snack counter is affordable and comparable to what you'd get at a movie theatre. Arrive early if you're planning on coming this summer. Just before the movie starts, the concession and bathroom lines grow long. To enhance their movie-going experience more pleasant, attendees bring seats, tables, and bed liner arrangements. If you've never been to a drive-in theatre and seen a movie beneath the stars, you need it upon yourself to visit the Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre in Lakeland Florida.