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Salt River Tubing Coupon Provides Best Way to Cool off this Summer

Do you want to go on a chilly and wet adventure? Tubing the Lower Salt River rapids in the picturesque Tonto, Arizona, is an excellent place to spend a day or an evening! The Salt River is a leisure paradise just miles from Scottsdale that offers "chills and thrills" while swimming on refreshing hill waters. Have a "floating picnic" while taking in the sights and sounds of the Salt River! Climate and water flow allow you to pick from two, three, or five-hour tours that include float time and a shuttle service ride. Tubing rentals and shuttle service are offered seven days a week, beginning at 9 a.m., for only $17 per person for each tube. You can use a salt river tubing coupon to save more. Tubing team bookings are available Monday through Friday.

When is the best time to go tubing on the Salt River?

The season begins in May. Until Labor Day, Salt River Tubing will be available seven days a week. The hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tubing is ordinarily available on Weekends, after Labor Day until the end of November. Tubing in the Salt River is not always possible due to a lack of water. Unless there is a barrier release, the Lower Salt River, in which most tourists go tubing in the Southern part of the state, does not have much turbulence (and occasionally no water at all). Saguaro Lake outflows regulate the river's flow. The Salt River is most famous for tubing from May to September.


Price of Tubing on the Salt River

Salt River Tubing and Tourism operate bus services downstream from several parking lots to multiple launching places. There is a fee to ride the bus. In addition to renting inner tubes, the business offers snacks and supplies. Tube rentals are offered from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. Bring one valid driving license as a payment for each set of five cylinders rented. The cost of one tube rental plus bus travel is $17, tax included. If you provide your tubes, you will receive a discount. Salt River Tubing supports card payments and requires a valid driving license for identification.

Salt River Tubing may not have its own Recreation Center, so if you purchase your tubes like Walmart or Costco and also have cars, you can leave one downstream and drive everybody up to where you want to begin and then return to grab the car later, you won't need to use their services. If your tube is not among theirs, Salt River Tubing will not pump it for you. Salt River Tubing will occasionally run promos, and you can utilize silver river tubing coupons. Eep an eye out for the salt river tubing taco bell coupon in the summer if you're searching for a discount.,

What You Should Know

To use Salt River Tubing's activities, children should be at minimum eight years old and 4 feet tall. If you've not been before, there are a few things you should know to make sure you have a wonderful time. Call Salt River Tubing at 480-984-3305 or check the Salt River Tubing website for additional information.

If you've never done tubing on the Salt River before, there are several points you should be aware of that may not be instantly noticeable. Following these suggestions should help you have a pretty peaceful and enjoyable day free of blunders and misfortunes.

  • Cap, sunblock, glasses, multiple water bottles, munchies, napkins, sheets, underwear, shirt, shoes, and cash are all stuff to carry.
  • Make sure that everything you carry is replaceable. Items may become soiled, ripped, or misplaced. Leave the fancy glasses at home to put the $10 Walmart sunglasses.
  • Ensure your backside is protected, which means you shouldn't wear a skirt. You can be scratching the base if the water level drops.
  • Sunblock should be applied liberally multiple times during the day.
  • An inner tube can be used to attach a plastic cooler containing drinks and snacks. Coolers made of polystyrene won't last long.
  • The inner tubes will become extremely warm. The tubes will become more comfortable if sheets are placed over them. It will also prevent smaller individuals from slipping through the tube's midsection.
  • You can pay with a credit card if you're riding the shuttle, hiring tubes, or contingency plan at Salt River Sport. There are no Banks/ATMs in the area.
  • Jewelry and other belongings should be left at home. Bring your driving permit as well as some cash.
  • Keep valuables out of the car. At the car parking, there is no safety. Lock the doors of your vehicle.
  • Inside the stream, wear cheap shoes or water boots. There are some rocky spots where your foot could get damaged.
  • It's probable that if you connect your tubes altogether, you'll all become caught or intertwined. Considering all of the warnings against linking the tubes together, many people still do so.
  • Individuals do get wounded while tubing and even do die occasionally. Any stretch of water can be affected. Be astute. Take or hire a lifesaver if you can't do it properly.
  • Please do not pollute. Bring a plastic garbage bag with you. Nothing is more unpleasant than swimming through some other people's garbage.
  • While tubing, consuming alcohol will make you drowsy and could be dangerous.
  • Tubing will not be leased to kids under the age of eight or less than 48 inches tall.
  • There is no glass. The containers will be examined.
  • Make sure that you have just a way to keep your keys from getting lost by attaching them to your apparel.


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Based on water levels and velocity, a floating journey in Arizona can last between three to five hours. You'll also need to think about how many stops you'll make along the trip. There are also other takeout points where you can acquire conveyance back to your automobile. Do you want to go back? It's no problem! Simply return to the queue and purchase another tube. They have also provided hotels and restrooms nearby. The freshly renovated hotel has approximately 300 rooms, so you'll have plenty of room for your travels. There's also something for everyone's budget, with ordinary and luxury bedrooms and apartments that you can book at cheap rates using a silver river tubing coupon.