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Revibe Connect Made Cheaper with Revibe Coupon Code

We all need to stay focused on the task at hand to be able to finish it. But distractions are everywhere. Children are not the only ones who may find focusing hard to do. Even adults may struggle with keeping their attention on what they are doing at the moment. The problem is that the lack of focus can be a hindrance at times with some individuals feeling frustrated that they cannot finish a simple task. The good news is that Revibe Connect is helping children and adults focus on what they are doing at the moment. What’s even better is that with a Revibe coupon code, this watch will be yours at a cheaper price.

Introducing Revibe

The vision of Revibe is to support individuals to be more confident and empowered even when they are struggling with their focus. Removing the constant nagging of parents, teachers, and peers whenever one’s attention is slipping and replacing them with a gentle vibration has been found to be more effective in Revibe’s studies using the Revibe Watch.


The Revibe definition is basically re-aligning one’s attention on the task at hand through gentle vibrations and reminders on their watch to help the wearer go back to what they are doing at the moment. This wearable technology is designed to help not just children and adults who are diagnosed with ADHD, but also parents, teachers, and medical care practitioners by providing them with useful data that they can use to support the wearers. It is a win-win solution for everyone.

The watch is not obtrusive and can be worn throughout the day. Parents can set reminders for their children through their smartphones, and adults can also program their day using the accompanying app. The Revibe Connect has been helping students and adults alike. If you want to try it out, you can do so with savings included by using a coupon code.

Benefits of Wearing Revibe’s Vibrating Watch

The team behind this wearable technology has seen how people of all ages struggle to stay focused because their attention span is short. The frustration and lack of self-confidence can take a toll on both their mental and emotional state. This is why Rich Brancaccio, the founder and Chief Innovator of the brand, came up with a technology that will level the playing field for everyone. Together with experts in the medical field, Revibe’s wearable tech has been providing numerous benefits to its wearers like:

  • Easy-to-wear gadget

One of the biggest benefits of this gadget is the fact that it is easy to wear. Designed to be a simple watch, the Revibe Connect is not obtrusive to its wearer. The Revibe wristband can be replaced as needed, plus the material used makes it comfortable to wear the entire day. There won’t be any skin irritations to worry about as it has been tried and tested before.

  • Large screen

The watch face is big enough to see the reminders that you have inputted on the device so you will know what task you are doing at the moment. Once the watch vibrates, tap on the screen to read the reminder to go back to the current task at hand. The text cues that will appear on the screen are customizable too. All of these features can be customized through the smartphone app.

  • Smartphone app

Getting this wearable tech also means using the smartphone app that is linked to it. Here you can customize your day’s schedule so you will get reminders like attend the Revibe Wellness Retreat 2020 for their Revibe Wellness program or take part in the Revibe fitness session at the Revibe Schuylerville NY. Children don’t need to have a smartphone with them to use this watch. The parents will be the ones who can use and program reminders for their children and view the reports as well.

  • Tracks progress

Another benefit to wearing Revibe Connect is the fact that it helps keep track of your progress. It monitors fidget minutes, length of focus, number of steps taken in the day, calorie tracker, and attention span. Everything is documented and stored in the app which can be reviewed later on. Parents can use the daily report to know which hours their children are having a hard time focusing, how long their attention span lasts before they start to fidget, and more. Adults can use the same report to monitor how they did for the day which can also help them build more confidence in themselves.

  • Money-Back guarantee

If you have read a Revibe watch review, you will learn that it comes with a 90-days money-back guarantee. This means that you can get a full refund on your purchase if you feel that the watch is not working for your child or for yourself. This watch may not work with everyone but there is no need to second guess whether it will work for your child or not because you have three months to try it or get your money back. It is really that simple.

  • Improvement in performance

Students who are struggling with their homework or school activities can get help to stay on track with Revibe’s watch. The gentle nudging coming from the device and the reminder that appears on the screen is designed to bring back the focus on what’s in front of them. Without the constant reprimands, the gentle reminder has proven to have more impact on a student with ADD and ADHD when it comes to finishing their work.

  • Stick to your schedule

Like it was mentioned before, children are not the only ones who find wearing this tech useful to them. Even adults have found that the gadget has helped them stick to their schedule in more ways than one. Worried that you will forget to go to Revibe Williamsburg for a restoration? Enter your appointment in your Revibe app. Want to make sure that you are at Revibe Schuylerville to find all your essentials for your planned Revibe wellness retreat? Use your smartphone app to remind you of your schedule for the day. Even if it is something simple as setting up a reminder to go and check out a Weber Revibe, you can do it through the app and your watch will nudge you as a reminder to do the task. Simple but useful especially when you have a lot on your plate.

  • Water-Resistant

Revibe’s watch is built to withstand water splashes like when washing hands. However, it is not advised that it is immersed in water. Children should be advised to remove it before taking a bath or going swimming.

  • Affordable Membership

Revibe’s membership fee is affordable and will give you access to tools like customizable text cues, data analysis, and reports, plus FREE replacement or repair when damaged and a $50 gift in case the product was lost. Take note that you will not be able to use the Connect watch if you do not have a membership since the fee is used to power, gather and analyze, as well as customize your watch too.

Does Revibe Work?

There are several vibrating watches in the market today that are often used to support individuals with attention deficits. You might have come across reviews like Watch minder vs Revibe so you can compare how these two fare against one another. The question now is whether this vibrating watch actually works or not.

Revibe’s team has conducted studies about the efficacy of wearable tech in two different studies. The results showed that the Connect watch has helped the participants stay focused on their tasks better compared to those who did not wear it. You can read all about their research on their website. For sure, you will come across a Revibe Connect review that talks about these two studies as well.

If your child is having some difficulties with their school work because of their short attention span, or you yourself need some help getting back on track, getting this device is worth trying out.

Get Your Connect Watch with Revibe Coupon Code

Revibe’s vibrating watch is a unique device that supports children and adults to focus better on their daily tasks. If your budget is limited, it is still possible to get your hands on this gadget through a Revibe coupon code. After all, saving money when shopping is never a bad idea especially since there are ways to get your hands on coupon codes.

The coupon code for Revibe Inc. lets you save a considerable sum for this wearable gadget as well as Revibe bracelet depending on what is written on the deal. It is possible to get as much as 50% off on your Revibe coupon too from time to time. These offers appear from time to time, so you need to keep your eyes peeled for them.

Where can you find discount codes for Revibe? Here are a few to take note of:


Signing up for Revibe’s newsletter is the quickest way to get your hands on promo codes. Not only that, but you will also receive updates if there are any latest developments or changes to their product and application too. By joining their newsletter, you will not get behind on any sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

Online Deal Finders

Where else can you find the best coupons promo deals for Revibe? Another place to find coupon codes is over the internet. There are dozens of coupon sites that will have the latest deal waiting to be redeemed. You can even spot a free shipping discount code while you are at it. You just need to browse for the best discount that you can apply to your order and use it at the checkout page.


  1. How do I get a discount on the Revibe coupon?

There are two ways for you to get your hands on coupon codes for Revibe’s product. The first one is through their newsletter which you can join by providing your email address. Subscribing to their newsletter gives you access to all the latest happenings in the company, including updates on their wearable tech, promotional offers that are up for grabs, and sales that you don’t want to miss. Subscribers can also receive a discount code from time to time that can be used at the checkout page.

The second is through online coupon sites like CouponApprove. These sites usually collect various coupons from different brands and post them on their website. You can view the deals here, including their terms and conditions, and redeem them as needed.

  1. How do I use my Revibe coupon for free?

The best thing about the coupon codes for this brand is that they are available for free. You can copy the code and use it in your next transaction. There will be a certain amount that needs to be met for the deal to be applied which you need to check. If you are wondering if there is any free shipping for this product, it is possible as long as the code that you have used is applicable to your current purchase.

  1. How can I get Revibe promo codes?

The promo codes for Revibe Connect are not that hard to find. You can subscribe to their newsletter by signing up using your email and the other one is to browse the internet for one. Joining their newsletter will give you access to more than their newest deals but there is also the possibility that you will get your hands on a coupon code as well. The second is through online deal finders just like in the case of CouponApprove. Browse their collection of discount codes to see if there are any deals that are applicable to your current Revibe purchase.

  1. How do I use my Revibe coupon voucher code?

If you have received a coupon or found one online, you can use it to purchase your Connect watch from the shop. You will need to visit the main website and add the watch to your cart. You can choose how many watches you will want to purchase then proceed to the checkout page. After filling up the form for the shipping, you can look at the right side of the screen where the total is located. Search for the textbox that is labeled Discount Code. This is where you need to enter your voucher code. Click on Apply to receive the discount.

  1. How do I enter the Revibe promo code?

The promo code must be entered at the checkout page before you pay for your order. Make sure that you copy the code correctly on the Discount Code box and that you have clicked on Apply to receive the discount. If you will manually enter the deal, make sure that the code is correct otherwise it will not be accepted.

Connect Watch - Your Child’s Partner in Learning

Children who have an attention deficit may find it difficult to learn in an ordinary setting. This is because their focus tends to slip from time to time. This is tough not just for the student but also for the teacher who has to catch their attention. Creating an environment that is conducive to learners of all levels is important which is why helping students who have trouble focusing is always a good idea. And what better way to do this than by using a Revibe Connect watch?

The vibrating watch is a silent partner for learners who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD since the gentle vibrations can help them get focused. Teachers have already remarked on the difference in students wearing this gadget since they don’t get flustered when being called out when caught not paying attention. Not only that, the customized texts that appear on the watch when tapped will help redirect their focus to the task on hand without disrupting the rest of the class.

This gadget has helped support students with ADD and ADHD in having more confidence in their learning. The studies that have been conducted by Revibe have proven this already. This doesn’t mean that it will work 100% all the time since there are those who will need additional assistance. With vibrating watches now being used as tools to guide students with attention deficit, getting your hands on one for your struggling child should be considered as a good investment already.

The Connect watch is not only for the wearer but for the parents too who can help customize their child’s schedule. The vibrating watch will send gentle vibrations to the wrist when a notification or schedule has been reached. There are no loud noises that will affect the class for sure.

Invest on the Right Vibrating Watch with Revibe Coupon Code

There are several brands out there that offer vibrating watches that you can choose from. They may have the same features like vibrating alerts, fidget tracking, data reporting, and the like, but none of them have everything in one gadget like Revibe’s Connect. Like it was mentioned before, the watch itself comes with several features like:

  • Vibration reminders
  • Text reminders
  • Personalized reminders
  • Anti-habituation
  • Step tracking
  • Fidget tracking
  • Data reporting
  • Customizable schedule

Students are not required to have a smartphone with them for their watch to work since the parents will be the ones to control and customize instead. Some vibrating watches have timed vibrations built-in already which can be ignored by the wearer in the long run. With Connect, this won’t be an issue since you can program when the watch will vibrate. This means that the watch can be worn for a long time.

If you are still unsure about this device, don’t worry. It comes with a 90-days money-back guarantee attached to it so you can give it a test run. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can return it for a full refund, it is as simple as that. The watch is being used by students, schools, clinicians, as well as researchers lately. Shouldn’t you try it out yourself?

The price tag attached to it may be a bit pricey, sure, but this is not an ordinary watch, but rather a tool that is designed to support those who have attention deficit. But don’t you worry. It is possible to get one at a much cheaper price with the aid of Revibe’s coupon codes. These deals do appear from time to time which you should take advantage of if you are shopping on a budget. The deal will vary but it is possible for you to get at least 50% off on your purchase.

You can also score more discounts if you time your purchase during sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday when most tech gadgets are sold at discounted rates. Just imagine being able to buy more of this watch without breaking your bank when shopping during the biggest sales in the year. If you want your child to try it out, these are good sales to keep an eye out for.
Investing in the right vibrating watch is important if you want to be able to assist your child or a loved one who has trouble focusing. Instead of reprimanding them or having to constantly get their attention which can also affect their self-esteem, gifting them with a Connect may help. The good news is that it is possible for you to score one at a more affordable price with the help of a Revibe coupon code. You just need to enter the deal at the checkout page and click on Apply to redeem the savings attached to it. It is so simple and it helps make you enjoy the watch with your loved one. This is the best time to see the magic work in front of your eyes as they become more focused with the help of Revibe Connect.