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Pick-n-Pull, a Leading Company Providing Quality Parts for Vehicles.

Pick-N-Pull is a fun location to visit if you have an old automobile and are seeking some affordable components. It's essentially a huge junkyard full of automobiles rescued from empty lots, accidents, and who knows what else. Cars of various kinds from almost every year (typically 10 years or older) may be found here, however, the types offered do vary from time to time due to accidents and the like.

It's essentially a location where you can obtain your components by pulling them off the carcasses of deceased automobiles one by one. You stroll in with your tools, inquire at the counter about specific automobile kinds, or tour the yard on your own. Once you've taken the component off, you charge the desk depending on the type of part, but because you performed all the labor yourself so it's all from old automobiles, the costs may be outrageous. People have gotten whole pairs of slightly worn winter tires for about $40 and completely new items like power supplies for less than $30.

Of course, you'll need to know how to remove pieces from a car without damaging or wrecking it, but if you're a hobbyist mechanic, it's a terrific place to be. They also remove various pieces for simple selling, which is an interesting remark. The selection is a little uneven since you never know what they've cut off themselves and put up for sale. Even so, if you're fortunate enough to find anything you can use, it's a terrific opportunity to buy some extra vehicle components for a bargain.



Pick-n-Pull is a division of Schnitzer Steel Production, Inc., a leading global in the metals recycling sector with over 100 years. Even though Pick-n-Pull and Schnitzer had collaborated since 1989, Pick-n-Pull had become a 100 % subsidiary of Schnitzer in 2003 as a member of the Automotive Parts Business segment. Being a member of a Fortune 1000 organization has helped us to expand and add cost savings into their system, allowing them to provide environmental and financial advantages to their consumers. At about the same time, their stores have maintained the regional and local emphasis that has earned a loyal following.

PICK-N-PULL San Antonio TX is a self-service auto wreck yard including over 3,500 components vehicles on over Thirty hectares to pull parts from. They have the greatest collection of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s automobiles and trucks. All components come with a low-cost 90-day guarantee. Customers bring their tools, extract their components, and save 50-70 percent off the retail price. They have also have certified parts pullers that can help you with your parts.

  • When you walk into Pick-N-Pull, Inc. san Antonio tx, you are greeted with quality and distinction. They have worked hard to establish themselves as a kind, trustworthy neighbor in San Antonio, and it shows every day.
  • They can assist you in finding your car in the yard and provide you with a list of other automobiles that may also match your requirements.
  • FREE Components Interchange is available from their nice and hospitable Customer Service Agents. You will be given a copy of all of the vehicles in the yard that will have the part you need.
  • As you approach their yard, they have such a Quick Shuttle that will transport you all around the yard and drop you down at the location you have to be.
  • Have your tools if possible.
  • Alternatively, if you really do not know how to extract the components you need or simply don't have the time, they have Professional Parts Pullers that can assist you.
  • Pay for your parts by bringing them to the cashier. You'll be pleased that you saved 50-70 percent over buying new when you depart with the components you require.
  • They also have a low-cost guarantee option available, which costs 10% of the components price for a 90-day warranty.
  • At Pick-N-Pull, Inc., money management is a tremendous incentive and a component of every sale.
  • Simply bring your tools and leave with hand-selected, high-quality second-hand car parts at a lower price. They welcome you to experience the Pick-N-Pull, Inc. difference for yourself.

Yard Rules

  • The yard is closed to anybody under the age of 16 (photo ID is required).
  • There are no parts permitted in the yard. When arriving and departing, all tool cartons will be verified.
  • Until you obtain the guarantee, ALL Items ARE SOLD And So is.
  • Unfailingly, parts bought WITHOUT Warranties are not returnable.
  • In the Yard, no booms, chop saws, lights, or engines without spark arrestors are permitted.
  • PICK-N-PULL is not liable for any abandoned personal belongings, such as tools, components, mobile phones, wallets, keys, or things left in cars.
  • Pitchers, alternators, and gearboxes should not be disassembled.
  • PICK-N-PULL has the right to deny service to anybody at any time.


  • Warranty coverage is inexpensive. They charge 10percent of a total of the cost of the component for 90 days of coverage on USED PARTS that they will be provided for 50-70 percent cheaper than NEW.
  • If you purchase a door just get in an incident, as long as you complete the standards given below, they will pay you "In-Store Credit" for the price of your component, excluding taxation and ecological fees.
  • Used Batteries have a 30-day warranty, whereas reconditioned Batteries get a 90-day warranty.
  • NO WARRANTY ON TIRES AVAILABLE PICK-N-PULL offers no guarantees or claims about the suitability of any tires. The customer must have the tires properly examined, fitted, and fixed. Tire husks are delivered at no charge and are declared inappropriate for road usage on a passenger vehicle and should not be used for that purpose. It is risky to drive on defective tires. A punctured tire might abruptly fail, resulting in catastrophic physical harm or death. Tires should be examined by a competent tire service regularly.

PICK-N-PULL - Do you require a part to be pulled?

PICK-N-PULL is constantly exploring for solutions to produce your parts purchasing experience as straightforward as possible. In line with this principle, they have put up a list of "Independent Parts Pullers" to help you find parts. These people have been given instructions to give you an estimation for the service they will do for you. PICK-N-PULL makes no suggestions or promises of quality of service they will give, and they take no responsibility for the Voluntary Parts Pullers. They are simply offering a service to those who would rather have somebody else pull the items for them. Kindly call the pick-n-pull phone number, if there is any issue or concern.

What do they Buy?

  • Cars, Vans, and Light Trucks (Used)

At their retail stores as well as through the pick-n-pull Cash For Junk Cars hotline and website, they buy all brands and models of automobiles, functioning or not, from a range of sources. Selling your car is simple: you contact them, they make you a rapid and reasonable offer, you approve, you take your car to our local site or arrange transportation, and they pay you promptly!

What do they sell,?

  • Auto Parts That Have Been Recycled

About 50 self-service facilities around North America provide a large range of low-cost, high-quality OEM car components. They sell all brands and models of international and domestic automobiles, buses, and small trucks, with a focus on vehicles that are seven years old or older. Their locations have an average of over 1,200 automobiles and trucks in stock at any one moment, so you're sure to find the parts you need.

Why should you purchase car components from Pick-n-Pull? It's easy

  • At Pick-n-Pull, a man removes a vehicle component from an old automobile.
  • Their high-quality recycled vehicle parts help you save money, energy, environmental assets, and waste.
  • Many hard-to-find parts can be found in their large collection.
  • The parts are often less priced than those found at regular car parts retailers.
  • They stand out from the typical rubbish yard because of their unique buying experience and exceptional customer service.
  • Every day, new automobiles arrive, ensuring a constant supply of components.
  • Their user-friendly website allows you to check pick-n-pull inventory and locate the nearest store that has the vehicle you want.
  • The automated Parts Exchange System locates all cars with the part you're looking for.
  • Their 30-day parts replacement warranty means you can buy with confidence. You are allowed to return and pick another similar component if an item malfunctions or just doesn't fit in your car.
  • You may add an extra twelve months of warranty claims to certain items.
  • All standard credit and debit cards, as well as cash, are accepted.
  • For your comfort, all pick-n-pull locations are open seven days a week.

Vehicles that have been salvaged

Many of their stores sell old automobiles that are either running but in need of some TLC or are perfect for components or project cars. All of their vehicles have clear or salvaged titles. These automobiles are ideal for anybody searching for a cheap means of transportation or a project car to restore and resell. Buyers are committed to ensuring that municipal, title, and safety regulations are followed. Please see their We Sell Cars page for more information on existing inventory and pick-n-pull price list. Check back frequently as they receive new autos regularly.

Scrap Metal

Pick-n-pull locations collect and recycle plenty of useable parts as feasible while reprocessing hundreds or even thousands of automobiles each year. The leftover car hulks are smashed and supplied to metal recyclers (including those affiliated with their parent firm, Schnitzer Steel), who transform them into recyclable metal. Steel mills and manufacturing facilities utilize this metal to make new steel products and other completed commodities, such as parts for new cars. This is simply another example of Pick-n-environmental Pull's dedication.

Safety at Pick n Pull

They place high importance on safety and follow stringent processes to keep the customers and workers safe. You realize and accept to bear any dangers you might experience when visiting a Pick-n-Pull Windsor used car parts business and yard. Pick-n-Pull is not responsible for any injuries you may receive or car loss you may cause while on our property. Please use caution when entering the facility, removing components from cars, and transporting parts. Please notify management immediately if you notice a potentially harmful situation in the store or the yard.

Components are not permitted in the shop for the safety and wellbeing of everyone else around you, apart from buying or exchanging parts and cores. The contents of all toolkits, handbags, wallets, and other receptacles will be inspected. They retain the right to deny entry.

For concerns of safety and the environment:

  • There are no torches.
  • Nobody has a saw.
  • There are no jacks.
  • There are no batteries.
  • There are no battery jump starters available.
  • No oil-soaked cores, no glass bottles, and no other fragile things
  • There will be no booze.
  • There will be no smoking allowed.
  • No minors under the age of 16 are permitted in the yard. Children in the waiting area must be supervised at all times by an adult provided by the client.

Extra safety precautions to consider while visiting a Pick-n-Pull Kansas city, ks site, or any other location like pick-n-pull rancho Cordova, ca include:

  • When working with car parts, use rubber gloves.
  • When moving an item, practice correct lifting methods with your body.
  • When working with car parts, use locked shoes.
  • Stay on the paths that have been marked.
  • Keep an eye out for trips and falls, uneven terrain, and moving machinery.
  • Under the cars, do not change or replace the wheel supports.
  • Vehicles should not be jackknifed.
  • Defend yourself from the elements.
  • Please remember to drink water, relax, and seek shade when the weather is too hot.

Recycling Process at Pick-n-pull

  • Pick-n-Pull starts the recycling when a new car arrives. Rental companies, private parties, auto sales, city agreements, and charity are just a few of the places they get our automobiles from.
  • In this scenario, a person has a car that he no longer needs and has taken it to a local Pick-n-Pull facility like pick-n-pull Springfield Missouri to sell it for cash. Simultaneously, he is relieved to learn that his car will be salvaged and put to good use.
  • The Car Collecting Expert assesses the car and makes a reasonable offer to the owner. The seller accepts and is immediately compensated by cheque.
  • The Car Processing Specialist inserts the information about the new automobile into their cutting-edge computer system, which issues the car a record number. A bar-coded label and other identification markers are applied to the automobile by the specialist so that it can be traced.
  • They start the eco-friendly disassembly procedure by unloading the vehicle of any garbage and/or remaining goods. Some resalable things are gathered for the thrift store, where they are resold to the consumers at unbelievable costs.
  • Liquids and toxic materials are removed and recycled as part of the disassembly process. Based on the test findings, battery packs are removed, checked, and redistributed or recycled. To avoid very hazardous substances from entering the air and rivers, they meticulously eliminate any mercurial switches utilized in the engine and trunk. All air-conditioning refrigerant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid are taken and used again.
  • The leftover fluids, such as fuel, oil, refrigerant, joint, and gearbox fluids, are subsequently drained from the car using our specifically constructed drain racks. To avoid mishaps and leakage into the atmosphere, all liquids are stored in storage tanks with confined spaces.
  • A general retail client brings their tools to their facility, pays entry, and is given a guide and help in locating automobiles that may have the part(s) he requires. The Parts Exchange computer system can assist clients in locating parts by identifying automobiles with similar components.
  • The customer locates a car that contains the required component and replaces it using their tools. Pick-n-30-day Pull's voluntary exchange policy on all components makes purchasing parts from Pick-n-Pull a worry-free experience. If a part cracks and just doesn't fit, the client can return it and receive a replacement.
  • Crushing the leftover car wreckage is the final phase in the procedure. They send their scrap metal to metal crushers.


How do I get a discount code for pick n pull coupon?

You might begin by looking at their website's coupons page. You'll find all of the accessible discount codes and coupons below, which you can use to save money when you utilize their service. You can check on third-party sites like CouponApprove for valuable deals.

How do I use my pick n pull coupon for free?

You may just drive to their local pull n pick a location and show the coupon to receive a free exchange if you have a current pick-n-pull coupon. The crew allocated to you will analyze your car's code to determine its current state and then inform you of its findings. Don't be concerned. You will not be compelled to utilize their services in any way.

Their professionals will provide you with alternatives and feasible solutions, and that will be the end of it. This offer is beneficial in determining your vehicle's safety inspection. You may also have everything tested while you're there.

How can I get pick n pull promo codes?

You may take advantage of Pick n Pull promotions in several ways. To begin, go to their Exclusive Promos & Coupons website, where you can locate the most recent coupons and promotions available. You'll have to return to their site from time to time to make sure you don't miss any of their special offers.

If you want to remain up to date on their current promotions, you may sign up for their newsletter. To gain access to unique bargains and information about the firm and its services, simply complete the form on their website. All data is safe and secure, according to the business.

Where else would you receive these exclusive deals to buy and save when visiting Pick-n-pull-? There are third-party websites that provide a variety of coupons from this firm and others, like a good discount coupon from CouponApprove and others. To find out how to redeem the offer from the firm, simply read the offer specifics. Choose which ones you'd want to utilize the next time you attend their business and hand them over to the cashier.

How do I use my pick n pull coupon voucher code?

Copy the code and submit it to the cashier if you have a promo code for any service they provide. You should study the terms of service of the promo code you have and double-check with Pick-n-pull to see whether it is still valid. When you schedule a meeting with them, you'll know exactly what to anticipate.

How do I enter pick n pull promo code?

You must prepare the promotional codes you have before heading to their store because they are normally offered at the checkout. After the necessary discount has been added to your final bill, you must provide your coupon. Simply tell the professionals what service you want, and they will get right to work. You won't have any trouble getting the greatest services for your vehicle because of the level of customer service they provide.

The Pick-n-Pull network of self-service auto parts stores, founded in 1986, is one of the industry's leading recyclers of end-of-life automobiles. You take your tools, pull the components you require, and SAVE MONEY! Pick-n-Pull originally opened its doors in Stockton, California in 1984, and has since expanded to 48 locations in the United States and four in Canada. Pick-n-Pull has a vast range of used OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components for all brands and models of automobiles, buses, and light trucks – both foreign and domestic – all at amazingly low costs. Pick-n-Pull is delighted to recycle more than 350,000 automobiles each year and serve more than 5 million self-service consumers.