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Don’t miss the mesmerizing view of Magic of Lights

The Magic of Lights is an incredible family diversion value! It is a unique and excellent drive-through opportunity to celebrate the Magic of Lights season. Stack everyone in the car and experience the Magic of the well-being and comfort of light in your vehicle while passing through the gleaming road. Every step of the way, the mystical trail is filled with dynamite light shows that revive scenes and characters from your special occasion, using the latest LED innovations and automatic movements.

Enjoy the features of the enchanting view of the Magic of Lights

Created by FunGuys Events, Magic of Lights will debut at its Los Angeles Angeles home in Southern California, featuring numerous display cases, bright corrugations and innovative animations, all produced with a large number of individual LED lights. Which will last till. Until January 2, 2022. Following are the features of the Magic of Lights display;

  • More than 2 million lights on each Magic of Lights
  • 12.6 Mile Ferry Lights by Magic of Lights Opportunity
  • 3,750 hours work to set the occasion of each Magic of Lights
  • The steel shows are planned, twisted, cut, and welded in about 800 edges assembled in different configurations to make each show a Goliath scene for the winter. Each box in each stage is planned using the latest CAD innovation, and 15 pages of details of each plan are crafted in-house.
  • The Magic of each light show uses approximately 10 miles of steel to assemble the display cases, and the 10 miles of LED lighting introduced inside the display shows 10 unique shades of LED bulbs.
  • The steps are about 32 feet long and up to a few hundred feet.

Plan your trip for Magic of Lights

Magic of lights glows up every evening since it has begun from 5 p.m; to 10 p.m. This magical, holiday-themed event started on November 19 and will end on December 26. Grab your passes for this bright, colourful, festive holiday-themed event before it's too late. All the tickets are available online at just $25 per vehicle. Buy the tickets online as they are not available at the entrance gate of the magical venue locations.

Enjoy the wonderful tour of the Magic of Lights display while sitting comfortably in your own car. You can enjoy a primitive Christmas theme, Snow flurry tunnel, and Bigfoot monster truck.  Besides, with these displays, you can also see the prominent display of 12 Days of Christmas, mesmerizing tunnel lights and Toyland. Visiting the Magic of Lights is an enchanting, nostalgic and festive experience for people of all ages.

Can I avoid waiting in line?

Yes! Definitely, you can enter the mesmerizing display of lights' tunnel without waiting in line for hours with 'Dash Pass'.  You need to pay a few dollars more to avoid the hustle and waiting for a turn in long waiting lines. With Dash Pass, you can skip the long waiting traffic and enter directly to the specific Dash Pass lane. Dash pass is available on all locations of the Magic of Lights. Visit the venue locations near you to buy the Dash pass.

Note: Dash pass is also a vehicle pass in an upgraded form. Once you buy the Dash Pass, you don't need to buy the vehicle pass separately. One pass can be used simultaneously, whether vehicle pass or Dash passes.

Magic of Lights discount Coupons

When it's come about celebrating the season with friends and family, everyone loves to enjoy every bit of the season. Nowadays, these little desires and wishes are not happening because prices are touching the sky, and everything becomes very expensive. Everyone is now busy earning money and has left life behind them. Expenses have left the people to only wish for such things. The good news is that people can fulfil their desires and wishes by availing of a great discount on their favourite products and services. Does the question arise from where to get discount coupons? CouponApprove is the simple answer to this question. You can grab great fun deals and amazing discounts that you can imagine only. Like another discount coupon, CouponApprove offers you the best discount coupon for the Magic of Lights. Here is the list of coupons for Magic of Lights that CouponApprove offers. Grab the discount Coupon Codes from Coupon for the festive passes so you can enjoy the breathtaking display of lights at your nearest location.

Magic of lights Cleveland coupon code

This year, the Magic of Lights returns to the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Cleveland. It is more than a million LED lights that you can decorate your car. Top picks include Games Row, 12 Days of Christmas, Enchanting Tunnel of Lights, Winter Wonderland, Twilight, Candyland, and Opportunity Characters. The all-new Elfie tunnel lets you capture magical memories as you walk through the harmony of light.

Magic of lights little Elm coupon code

The range of tickets' amounts for the festive display of Magic of lights starts from $26 to $40. On December 4, cars will be restricted so people will enjoy the Walk Thru instead of the Drive-Thru. Little Elm Park sells the tickets online, but the Dash pass offer is unavailable for this location. The festive will be continuing until January 2.

Magic of Lights Daytona coupon code

For the festive event of the Magic of Lights, Daytona charges $40 to $60 per carload, including all categories of vehicles. Dash pass is also included in this range of amount. Daytona offers you a coupon by which you can enter twice into the beautiful display of lights. This offer is only available on Tuesdays.

Magic of lights Ohio 2022 coupon code

Enjoy the jolly season with a walk-thru and take lots of pictures with Santa. Moreover, besides walk-thru and drive-thru. Magic of Lights Ohio festive displays drinks, food, snacks, fun games, hot chocolate and more. To enjoy the essence of Christmas with the Magic of Lights, grab the great discount coupons for tickets and other fun activities from CouponApprove.

Magic of lights Jones beach coupon code

Do not forget to grab the merch bundle while purchasing the advance tickets. The merch bundle includes festive gifts for elders and kids, providing Santa's caps, elves shoes, goodie bags and much more.


Lights bring mesmerizing views into any occasion or event. Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions about The Magic of Lights.

How do I get a discount code for the Magic of lights coupon code?

It is straightforward to locate a coupon for the Magic of lights. The only thing you need to do is go to google search: the easiest way to search for anything. Type the 'Magic of lights coupon'. Google will give you a list of the websites offering Coupons for The Magic of The Lights. You can get the coupons from;

  • Coupon websites
  • Retailers' own page
  • Coupons and extension toolbars available on the store's page
  • Newsletters
  • Latest news updates
  • Sometimes from the newspapers.
  • Directly from the store
  • Live chats
  • First time shopping from the store

How do I use my Magic of lights coupon code for free?

Lucky you! CouponApprove offers coupons for the Magic of lights free all the time. You don't need to purchase the vouchers to get discounts. Search the Magic of lights discount coupons from a web search engine, select the trusted website for coupons.  Avail of the right coupon for desired products. Copy the coupon code and paste it into the coupon bar available at the checkout process. Your discount will be redeemed on your subtotal amount; all is done for free.

Where to use the Magic of lights coupon code?

Tickets are only available online for the stunning display of LED lights for the event of the Magic of lights. You can use the coupon code for The Magic of lights. CouponApprove website also offers you discount coupons for the Magic of sunlight on the food cart item and other fun activities offered on the Walk-thru. You can use the coupon on those activities too.

How do I use my Magic of lights coupon code?

Lucky you! CouponApprove always offers the Magic of light coupons for free. You don't need to buy the coupons to get the discounts. Search for Magic of Lights coupons from a web search engine, select a trusted coupon website. Take advantage of the right coupon for the desired product. Copy the coupon code and paste it into the coupon bar available during checkout. Your discount will be deducted from the amount of your subtotal; everything is free.

How do I enter the Magic of lights coupon code?

Magic of lights promo codes make a big difference to your savings; you will notice this when you start using Magic of lights promo codes to purchase your favourite fashion item. You must copy the promo code or discount code, whether you received it via coupons or emails, and paste it into the Promotional codes or Promotional codes required field available at the bottom of the checkout process. Click on the "Apply" button. Your discount is automatically applied to the subtotal of your purchases.

Magic of Lights is Fun! Make this season memorable for your family.

Bring Magic to this beautiful season. Make this season brighter, more colourful and bolder by taking them to visit the Magic of Lights tunnel. Select your nearest location, which has already transformed into the holiday lights display and a vibrant drive-through. Don't wait for long before you miss the excellent opportunity to make this Christmas more special for your family and friends, as the display already began on November 19 and will end on December 26. Tickets for this beautiful display event are already on sale from October 22. Grab your vehicle pass at a discounted rate via The Magic of Lights discount coupon from CouponApprove.