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Love Your Melon Coupon Code Promises to Make You Warmer and Comfy During Winters in Low Cost

Love Your Melon is a clothing brand devoted to providing a hat to every kid suffering from cancer in the United States and funding pediatric cancer research. Using the love your melon coupon code, one can get it at a low price. Apparel, masks, and hats are also available from the brand, which bring relief and delight to those who use them.


Throughout an entrepreneur course at the University of St. Thomas in 2012, classmates Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller imagined a company concept. Love Your Melons was born from that notion, and it has had a significant and good societal influence. The company's first goal was bold but valiant. They wanted to give a hat to every kid in America who was facing cancer. The firm was able to meet this target of 45,000 hats. Their new target was to donate $1 million to pediatric cancer care. They've raised over $8.3 million and distributed over 200,000 caps so far in the battle against children with cancer. Love Your Melon maintains its laudable purpose by donating 50% of net revenues from selling its goods to charitable organizations that support children with cancer across the world.

Pros and Cons


  • Hats that are cozy, comfy, and fun.
  • Accessories, clothes, and headbands are also available on the internet.
  • High-quality knit goods made entirely of cotton
  • Made in the United States and Canada
  • 50% of net proceeds are donated to charities that fight pediatric cancer.
  • You may pay in installments on most goods and get free shipping on your first order.


  • Some consumers have had issues with shipment delays and getting in touch with customer support.

Love Your Melon hats have always been concerned with safety and stability, depending on the style. Love your Melon could be the finest choice at your next cold-weather update with these favorites, whether you're searching for a cap, scarf, headpiece, like that for your kids to start in the season. It's significant to remember that all Love Your Melons' hats are one size, measuring 9 inches by 11 inches once uncuffed and featuring a Japanese maple leather patching with a Love Your Melons symbol over the front. Machine wash on cold with a detergent solution and spin dry on maximum to care for your headwear.

Love Your Melon Products and Their Description

Melon White and Purple Speckled Beanie

Love Your Melon White and Purple Speckle Beanie is cute and stylish, but most importantly, it's cozy. The woven yarn is 100 percent cotton and comes in a handful of white and purple hues. This one fits a little looser than some Love Your Melon designs. For a different, less droopy look, pull up the support.

Dark Charcoal Beanie

All National Geographic fans around nowadays, this is a fantastic alternative. Put on this hat and venture out into the woods to discover the environment while being warm and comfortable. This headwear is dark grey and has a fake leather fabric on the front with the National Geographic emblem. It fits a little looser than some of the other beanies from the company.

Kids Pom Beanie

Are you looking for a way to spice up your chilly beanie? A hat with only a fluffy pom would suffice. Poms give winter hats an additional power and a fun mood. What's more, the pom is removable, making this hat extremely adaptable. It's almost like having two hats for the purchase of one. It's made up of 99 percent cotton and 1% lycra. Imported fake fur is used for the pom. The Kids Pom Beanie is made of dark yarn and looks snug and toasty. . This hat is only provided in one size and is ideal for children aged 3 to 10. Take off the pom before washing, then wash on cool with a gentle solution and spin dry.

Scrunch Headband in Black

The Black Scrunch Headband is a quick-to-put-on band for all those days when you would not want to cope with something but has to. Put this headpiece on then you'll be ready to take on another one, whatever it brings.

This band seems to have a more athletic physique, making it ideal for working out. The LYM logo is imprinted in cursive and may promote the brand's message of optimism and resilience. Because this band is only available in one size, the back includes a crumpled elastic to accommodate a range of head sizes. The headband is manufactured in Kentucky and is 11 inches long by 4 inches tall, with a full diameter of 17 inches. 95 percent rayon and 5percent spandex are used to make the knitted fabric. Washing on cold to keep your headpiece in good condition. Tumble dry without chlorine bleach.

Tweety Bird Headband

Tweety is known for his intelligence, sweetness, and innocence. People were enthralled by the bird's endearing speech and misspelling of key letters. The colorful, beautiful Love, Your Melon Tweety Bird Knit Headband, helps keep the user's head safe and toasty. The bright yellow pattern oozes joy and is ideal for individuals who need a little pick-me-up on a dreary day. A yellow real leather patch depicting Tweety Bird's front and the middle is featured on the knit headpiece. This band is 9.25 inches wide by 4 inches tall and available in one size. It's 98 percent cotton and 2% elastane constructed for a comfy fit.


How do I get a discount code for love your melon coupon code?

Subscribing to their email newsletter is the easiest method to acquire your love your melon coupon code. Joining their group in this method would only take you around a minute. When you sign up for their mailing list, you'll not only get frequent updates, but you'll also get first choices on the love your melon promo code they'll send you. Another option is to use an internet coupon finder to locate these offers. Online deal finders like CouponApprove are a great place to start if you're looking for a trustworthy source. On their page, any love your melon coupon code will be posted.

How do I use my love your melon coupon code for free?

If you want to use coupon code love your Melon for free, make sure you read the terms first. In this method, you'll be aware of its extent. With the right coupon code, such as the love your melon free shipping coupon code, you can get the best deal on the store's items, and their Best Price guarantee would provide you amazing value for your product.

Where to use love your melon coupon code?

Clients who subscribe to the email list will receive discount codes, but large orders could lead to even reduced costs. Third-party websites like CouponApprove, where the webpage is frequently updated anytime, and new love your melon hats coupon code is issued. Simply read the terms and conditions of these one-of-a-kind offers to ensure you understand what you're receiving before getting the benefit of them. Stay updated on the expiration date, as many bargains are only good for a certain amount of time.

How do I use my love your melon coupon code?

It's simple to use the love your melon coupon code. To begin your purchase, enter the code and go to the company's website. Add the goods to your shopping basket that are qualified for the discount. When you're finished, go to your cart and go over everything you've added. You have the option to delete a product right now.

Check for the Love Your Melon Discount Codes entry at the end of the payment page once you've completed your purchase. When copying and entering the code into this field, select Submit. Your coupon amount will be added to the total cost of your transaction. Before buying a product, check to verify if the discount has been applied. Per purchase, only one promo code is permitted. If you want to get one again, all you have to do is email a request.

How do I enter love your melon coupon code?

At the checkout page, enter your love your melon coupon code. You may either upload or manually input your coupon. You may proceed to the checkout procedure by visiting your cart after you've done buying on their website.

Is It Worth Buying?

This is a brand with soul. Because of their courageous and motivating aim, they still would buy the product even if their things weren't precisely what shoppers were looking for. This firm began in a classroom setting and has expanded to be valued at more than $20 million speaks much about how well-liked it is. Their caps, on the other hand, are of high overall quality. The superb quality of the hats and the truth that they are warmer have received countless positive evaluations. Some look to have a more loose fit than others, so check product details and comments before placing your order.

Despite consumer concerns concerning customer service and delivery, the firm has always set things right with the client. They have also provided with love you melon coupon code for your savings. Shipping times that are delayed are unavoidable. Customers should read their shipping regulations carefully, as well as recognize that shipment might be delayed with any company you shop from online. Regrettably, it is the game's name when it comes to internet purchasing.