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Stock Up on Plus Size Lingeries with Hips and Curves Promo Code

Nothing speaks sexy than showing off your curves. And with Hips and Curves, you will feel more confident with the proper lingerie selection that supports your body in all the right places. Dress up in style and comfort, knowing that Hips and Curves have your back underneath your clothes. Be confident in your skin by wearing the best lingeries designed for you. And with the Hips and Curves promo code, you can splurge on your underwear without feeling guilty about it!

Hips and Curves Got Your Back

hips and curves promo code

Finding the proper lingerie selection for your plus-size body can be challenging at times. Not only do you need to consider their fit, but you also have to look into their design, style, and materials too. At Hips and Curves, you will find a wide selection of intimate plus-size wear that is made from quality fabrics with designs that are guaranteed to boost your confidence.

Established in 1999 by City Chic, the company’s goal was to deliver products that embody glam, chic, bold, and sexy lifestyle at the right prices. With fitting curves on top of their minds when designing their collection, the brand has become an expert in concealing and showing off your curves in all the right places. It is not surprising that many are turning to this brand for sexy outfits these days.

Hips Curves want to empower women who have plenty of curves to show off. This is why you will be pleased to find a wide range of lingerie, costumes, sleepwear, and swimwear here that are dedicated to all plus-sized beauties out there. This brand has constantly been innovating itself to compete with other related stores in the market. But their specialization in plus-sized women makes them stand out.

Why Choose Hips and Curves

why choose hips and curves

Finding the right lingerie for your size should not be too difficult, especially if you are a plus-sized gal because Hips and Curves got you covered. What makes Hips Curves an excellent place to do your shopping for intimate wear? Here are a few reasons why this brand is making waves in the retail industry these days.

  • It is a brand recognized internationally for its collection of plus-size lingerie.
  • They are constantly updating their stocks which means that you are guaranteed to find the right collection for every occasion.
  • The Hips and Curves company knows how to cut and style their bras, underwear, corsets, and more to reveal your curves while adding more silhouette to your body.
  • The proper value fit is why they offer returns for items in their original condition and with their tags intact for a refund or replacement.
  • Hips and Curves offer free shipping on orders $100 and above for residents in the United States.
  • They offer Hips and Curves coupons to help you save more while getting your hands on their stylish lingerie collection.
  • You don’t have to worry about paying any shipping fees when returning your order as they have a Happy Returns program. Your happiness is their priority which is why they are offering a hassle-free method of returning your goods to them.
  • The quality of their products is guaranteed to last you long without sacrificing their design. This is because they are investing in materials that come from the top-of-the-line dealers to ensure quality.
  • They provide several ways to shave off a few dollars on your online order.

What you wear underneath is as important as what you wear on the outside. This is why Hips and Curves is the best store to find the sexiest undergarments that will leave you oozing with confidence inside and outside.

How to Get Your Hips and Curves Promo Code

how to get your hips and curves promo code

Who doesn’t want to save money while enjoying stylish and sexy lingerie? For sure, you are wondering if there are any coupon codes that you can use when shopping at Hips and Curves. The good news is that there are Curves promo codes that you can get your hands on and use when purchasing from this shop. So, how will you get your Hips Curves coupons? Let’s find out!

  • Newsletter

Want to save on shipping? Sign up for their newsletter at Hips and Curves, and you will be entitled to free shipping without any minimum purchase! You can also enjoy their free shipping option when you order at least $100 worth of lingerie items. Aside from receiving your free shipping, you will also get updated for their newest collections so you can be the first to buy.

  • Homepage

You can also find your Hips and Curves promo code from their homepage, where their latest deals can be found. Currently, they are offering 60% off sitewide, so now is the time to splurge on your intimate apparel. The coupon code will be automatically applied at the checkout, so no need to worry about jotting down any unique code for now.

  • Online Deal Finders

Aside from the promo codes offered on-site, you can also find more Curves coupon codes from other online deal finders. The available Hips and Curves coupons can vary from sitewide offers to specific items found in their related stores. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions attached to the Hips Curves coupon that you are looking at to know its scope. Also, double-check its expiration date because some of these promos run for a limited time only.

  • Gift Cards

If you are looking for an excellent gift for your loved ones, why not get them a gift card from the store? You can choose the amount that you want for their virtual card and send them to the recipient. The receiver can then use the coupon code that it will come with to enjoy the deal you bought for them.

  • Refer a Friend

Another way to get your hands on a Hips and Curves promo code is through their Refer a Friend program. This offer starts by giving your friend a $20 off on their first $50 purchase on-site or in-store, and you can get $20 for every successful referral in return. Go on, share the love!

How to Redeem Your Hips and Curves Promo Code

Some Hips and Curves promo offers are automatically applied at the checkout page. However, if you have a Hips and Curves promo code that you got from an online deal finder or from Hips and Curves itself, you might be wondering how to redeem it. Well, the shop has made it quite simple really. Here’s how to enjoy your Hips and Curves coupons.

  • Copy the Curves coupon that you have found from the shop itself or a third-party site.
  • Visit Hips and Curves and browse through their collection.
  • Add your favorite items to your shopping cart. Don’t forget to follow their sizing guide so you can choose the appropriate size for you.
  • If you are done with your shopping, click Checkout or even View Cart to see the contents of your shopping cart. Review the items that you have added. You can remove products if you want to.
  • While you are on the Checkout page, look for the box labeled Discount Code or Promo Code. This is where you will be pasting your Curves coupon code. If the items you have added are eligible for the Hips and Curves coupon that you used, the discount will be applied to your total bill.

Just make sure that you review the terms and conditions of the codes deals that you come across before using at Hips and Curves to enjoy their full benefits.

Problems with Your Hips and Curves Promo Code?

Do you want to get a discount on your Hips and Curves dresses? For sure, there is a coupon code out there that can help you get your hands on these items. You have probably followed the steps mentioned above to redeem your Curves coupon code, but how come it shows an error message? There are several possible reasons for this issue to come up.

  • The code has already expired. Take note that this can happen for offers that run for a limited time only. A trusted coupon site will indicate which coupons have already expired.
  • The Hips Curves coupon that you have is only for full-priced items. This means that if any items in your cart are already discounted, the coupon code will not be applicable. Double-check the products you have added to your cart and remove those already at discounted rates. Once done, use the promo code that you have to see if it will be applied or not.
  • You mistyped the code. This is common for those who want to enter the code that they have manually. Take note that when you enter your promo code, there should not be any spaces before or even after the code.
  • The Hips and Curves promo code that you have has already been redeemed. This can happen when there is only a limited number of coupon codes released online.
  • An existing code is already in use. Hips and Curves only allow one coupon per transaction. Double-check your entries and see if you have used a promo code already.

If you are still experiencing issues even after checking your discount code, you can call their customer service to assist you. These issues can occur occasionally, so do not hesitate to reach out to the brand.


How do I get a discount code for Hips and Curves?

Hips and Curves give discount codes from time to time. You can get one when you sign up for their newsletter so that you will get your hands on a Hips and Curves promo code and updates on their new arrivals.

If you are shopping at a Hips and Curves outlet, you should look for coupon codes that can be redeemed in-store. Their homepage is also an excellent place to spot their codes deals. Their recent offer is 60% off sitewide. Aside from that, you can also browse the internet for Hips Curves coupons that you can redeem the next time you shop in their stores.

How do I use my Hips and Curves coupons for free?

You are wondering how to use your Hips and Curves for free shipping on orders? Go ahead and sign up with their newsletter to avail of this discount offer. The best part here is that you don’t have to pay a minimum for it. This means that even if you are buying for less than $100, you can get your order shipped out to you for free. This adds to your overall savings!

How can I get Hips and Curves promo codes?

If you are looking for a Hips and Curves promo code, you can either sign up for their newsletter or search for one online. The brand does give out promos from time to time, with those who join their newsletter getting first access to them.

If you don’t want to sign up just yet, your best bet is to look for online coupon dealers over the internet. The good thing about these deals sites is that they number in the dozen. The problem is that some may offer codes that are not working. You should look for areas that have verifiable promotional codes so you can redeem them on Hips and Curves. Also, do not forget to read the terms and conditions for these offers so you will know how to apply them to your purchase. You should also check its expiration date since some offers only run for a limited time.

How do I use my Hips and Curves voucher code?

When you have acquired a Hips and Curves voucher code, you can use it in your next purchase from the store. If it is a printable version, then you can bring it with you when you shop in-store. On the other hand, you can also redeem your voucher code when you shop online. You can check if the voucher that you have is applicable for both platforms.

How to use your voucher code at Hips and Curves? You need to log in to your account first, then add items to your shopping cart. Once you are satisfied with your purchases, you should proceed to the checkout page. Look for the box for Promotional Codes or Offers and enter the voucher code. If all items are eligible for the discount, the code will be applied to your total bill.

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the voucher code that you have to ensure that you have applied it correctly.

How do I enter the Hips and Curves promo code?

You will need to copy the Hips and Curves coupon code first before shopping on their site. Put all your purchases in your shopping cart, then click on View Cart to go to see your orders. You will see a text box on the page for Promotional Codes and offers. This is where you need to paste the promo code that you copied beforehand. You can also type the coupon code manually if you like, but make sure that there are no spaces. If the code is redeemable, the discount will be applied to your order. An error message will appear in the promo code that has already been redeemed.

Current Discounts at Hips and Curves

The plus-sized lingerie specialist does offer Hips Curves coupons every once in a while, but are there other ways to save money while shopping here? It appears that there are!

  • Homepage.

Hips and Curves offer discounts for their products which you can usually find on the banners at their homepage. Today, they are offering a 60% off sitewide, but this will only run for a limited time. They are also offering essential bras for $15 and below. If you are a fan of their Fox and Royal bras, they are currently priced at $30 and below. They also have a 60% off on their swimwear and sleepwear, which makes it the perfect time to stock up on your underwear and lingerie essentials.

  • Coupon codes.

Sometimes, you will find other online coupons from third-party vendors that are worth redeeming on this site. If you are using this option, the Curves promo codes you are getting are legit. Trusted online coupon sites will indicate whether the offer has expired, unverified, or verified to help customers decide which one to get. Don’t forget to review the terms and conditions to ensure that the items you have added to your cart are eligible for the coupon.

If you don’t want to miss any discounts from this store, don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter. This way, you will get the latest news about any offers that they will have up for grabs.

Hips and Curves Hits the Right Spots

Your lingerie should give you comfort and adequate support. After all, you will be wearing them the entire day. Choosing your underwear is not just about the design but also how well it will fit you. The materials used should also play a factor in giving you the ultimate comfort. Although there are tons of brands that cater to lingerie and sleepwear, finding one that fits them well can prove a challenge for plus-sized women.

That is why seeing Hips and Curves nail lingerie designs, and styles for plus-sized women is excellent. The creators behind this know-how comfort and fit are essential for underwear, not to mention the style. This is why, if you take a look at their selection, you will find simple to sexy lingerie that is perfect for everyone.

With their selection of sleepwear, lingerie, costumes, and everything in between, you can choose your intimate wear based on your personality. Have fun or show off your sexy side with Hips and Curves. For sure, you will not regret wearing their products on any occasion.

What’s even better is that they are constantly updating their products which means that you won’t get bored with your choices! Shopping at Hips and Curves has never been this easy. All information you will need about each of their products is found on their page, along with sizing guides. Make sure that you adhere to their sizing guides to find the best one for your body.

Affordable Lingerie that Flatters Your Body

The price of buying lingerie is sometimes high, but this doesn’t always have to be so. At Hips and Curves, not only will you have a wide array of choices for your intimate wear, but you also get to save more. Aside from the discounted prices and free shipping offers, the company also releases coupon codes to help its customers save more.

Quality and durable lingerie that accentuates your curves and provides adequate support is the goal of this brand. This is why you will see how detailed each of their collections is. You will have underwear or sleepwear that will last you a long time from the design to the fabric and how the item is constructed. This is what Hips Curves promise its customers.

No need to worry about your size anymore when shopping for lingerie, costumes, sleepwear, or swimwear. Your plus-size figure will always find the perfect product at Hips and Curves. Don’t worry about your budget because you can simply look for a Hips and Curves promo code to redeem at the checkout, and that’s it! You can bring home a new pair of underwear or other intimate wear without spending a lot.