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Craving for the yummiest food! Must try the Halal Guys Restaurant

The Halal Guys is a fast-growing authentic halal food franchise that started out as a halal truck in Manhattan on the southeast and southwest corners of 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue, New York City. New areas are being added in front of food trucks and in front of customers in New York and around the world. The franchise is widely considered to be the main course, which is a plate of chicken or gyro meat with rice. However, it also offers chicken or gyro wrap sandwiches.

About The Halal Guys Restaurants

The three Egyptian immigrants, Mohamed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed are the founder of The Halal Guys. In 1990, these three launched New York’s first halal food cart. Through hard work, reassurance, persistence, and thinking beyond practical boundaries, our organizers have prepared to conform to the standards of delicious American halal cuisine. These restaurant industry dreamers understand and appreciate and like what made them effective, and appreciate where it all began: New York City's own uniqueness. , With loyal customers and travelers who put them on the map. Their faithfulness towards their work led “The Halal Guys” to be New York city’s most demanded restaurant. On the list of high-rated restaurants of the entire United States, “The Halal Guys” ranked number 3. Nowadays, the organization's group carries on the heritage and grows the brand's prosperity and ubiquity consistently by spreading the American halal food idea all throughout the planet through the fastest-growing restaurant designs.


What is the specialty of The Halal Guys restaurant?

The Halal Guys offer "American Halal" platters and sandwiches, made from ingredients such as chicken, gyro meat, falafel, and rice. The flavor is presented as a great combination of flavors from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Halal people also offer a white sauce that customers consider the best choice and "popular". As "Tzatziki's distant cousin", Halal Guys' white sauce has been the subject of various entertainments, depending on the determination of the bundles to go, but without much success. A comparable level can certainly be found on most other halal trucks in New York City, but the formula often changes from one truck to another. Halal boys also make hot sauces.

Rewards Program By ‘The Halal Guys’ for Loyal Customers

Halal Guys Franchise Inc. offers the Halal Guys Rewards program to reward and thank our loyal restaurant customers. The rewards program is available to certain people participating in Halal Guys Eaters in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, not all stores are currently able to award prizes. The rewards earned through the rewards program are special, contain no goods, do not qualify for any special rights or rewards, and have no respect for money. There is no participation fee associated with the rewards program.

What are the eligibility criteria for the reward program?

You can try the rewards program if you fulfill the criteria mentioned below.

  • You should be a legal resident of the United States.
  • Above 13 years old when you enroll yourself for the reward program.
  • Providence of a  functional and accurate e-mail address
  • No company, association, limited liability organization, or other legal entity is permitted to participate in the rewards program.
  • The rewards program is not intended for persons under the age of 13 and cannot be used. If you are between 13 and 18, you can only schedule rewards under the auspices of a legitimate parent or guardian who accepts. Be limited by these terms.

How can I be a part of ‘The Halal Guys’ reward program?

If you are keenly interested to take the advantage of the reward program then, first of all, you need to create a reward account on the website of ‘The Halal Guys’. You can try out the rewards program and create a rewards account in any of the following ways:

  • Create a rewards account.
  • Visit the Halal Guys website again at
  • Use the app through your Facebook account.

What is required to create a Reward account?

Registration interaction may require the submission of information as well as: username, password, email address, actual location, phone number, date of birth, name, and preference these are required for each eligible prize.

Reward Points by ‘The Halal Guys’

Your Rewards Account and the Reward Points you have earned are located near you and cannot be sold, transferred, assigned, or given away to family, coworkers, or anyone else. All Reward Points, which we consider carefully, may be transferred, sold, traded, or awarded, may be forfeited and forfeited at the same time, not with standing these terms and conditions. You can only have one Premium Account. After receiving the reward points, you have many options to get a discount on your delicious Hala food;

  1. straight away meet the cashier who will scan your unique QR code during the checkout process
  2. you may also scan the barcode provided to you or enter the code manually,

The Halal Guys Promotional codes and Discount coupons

As part of the rewards program, The Halal Guys Franchise Inc. will send you messages or promotional offers based on value, discount coupons, and limited time. These conversions can be done in the form of pop-up messages through the app, along with some of the other methods you may have chosen when choosing the rewards program. If your contact information changes, or if you want to change your contact information or the way we send you messages, please log into your Rewards account and complete or update your contact information.

Coupon code Halal Guys

The Halal Guys offer a bundle of great deals and discounts every day. If you want to get the benefit of discounts and promotional deals then Log on to the Halal Guys website, shop your favorite food, proceed to checkout. In shipping provide your accurate postal address and Zip code. Select the same location and enter the promo code or coupon code in the box labeled ‘Enter promo code’. Now just enjoy your discount right after clicking the apply button.

Halal Guys Grubhub coupon

Halal Guys restaurants coupons are also available on Grubhub. It provides a wide range of discount coupons to its customers. The categories of the Grubhub coupons are as follow;

  • $9 Off: New customers get $9 off with an exclusive Grubhub Coupon Code.
  • 12 Off:  $Get $12 off on your first purchase by Grubhub Coupon
  • 25% off: Grubhub offers a 25% discount on your entire purchase

Halal Guys UBERBEAT Promo code

The Halal Guys Offer you to use Uber service to deliver your order to your doorstep. You need to select your favorite meal from the menu list of The Halal Guys Restaurant and hire the UBER driver to deliver your food to your home. Besides, this marvelous service Halal Guys also offers $20 off on your order.

The Halal Guys Pizza coupon.

If you are a Pizza lover then by using the Halal Guys Pizza Coupon code you can get $3 off on any large and extra-large pizza at the Halal Guys franchise located in Edwardo’s Oak Park, IL. Get 15% Off on your food bill at Player’s Pub and Grill. $2 Off at Piero’s Pizza. Moreover, you can get 12” free pizza on the purchase of 16” pizza with the help of the Halal Guys Pizza Coupon.

The Halal Guys Chicago coupon

The Halal Guys franchise based in Chicago does not offer delivery services yet. But to overcome this gap they provide a huge selection of Halal fares as the parking lot is remains booked most of the time. Besides offering discounts on food and other services, Halal Guys also offers discounts in its parking through its coupon codes.


How can I save money at Halal Guys coupon?

Now a day in the Era of high rates and expensiveness, everyone wants to save money. People can save money on bills, house rents by avoiding extra usage of electricity and gas and by living in a small houses instead of mansions. But the question arises of how to compromise on other necessities of life like groceries, shopping, and fares, etc. How do save money on these necessities? The only answer is a Coupon. By using coupons and promo codes you can save tons on your purchases which can be used in future expenses.

The Halal Guys also offers coupons to its loyal customer so everyone can enjoy the delicious food from the cart of the Halal food. Here are the simple tips by which you can save much as possible.

  • Grab the coupon from the verified coupon site or grab it from the original store website.
  • Visit the nearest franchise of Halal Guys in case you forget the coupon at home so you can bring it back easily.
  • Always wait for the best deals and discounts offer by the Halal Guys restaurants.
  • Join the reward points program of Halal Guys
  • Always go through the terms and conditions and policy program of the Halal guys before using your coupons.
  • Last but not least, don’t use all your coupons at one visit. Save some for another time too.

Do Halal Guys coupons are discount coupons?

The Halal Guys offer coupons for the purpose of advertisement in the form of a ticket or a receipt, that can be used as a discount on purchasing. Usually, Halal Guys provide coupons to its customer to stay connected with them by offering discount deals and promotional codes. Without a doubt, we can say that Halal Guys Coupons are discount coupons.

How do I use a promo code online?

Here is how you can use the promo code online, visit the website. Grab the promo code and copy it. Enter the Promo code that you have avail of from the deals in the suitable box. Tap the "Apply" or comparable button on the checkout page.

How do you enter a coupon code?

Want a great discount on your purchase? If yes then register yourself on the website. Check all the deals and offers the store is providing. Grab the coupon related to your purchase. Shop your favorite product. Proceed to the checkout process. Enter the coupon code in a code box. Tap the apply button and your discount will be redeemed.

How do I use a promo code for free now?

Here is how you can use a promo code for free now, first you have to visit the Free Now app. Register yourself on the website. Add the details of your debit or credit card as it is required. Click the tab labeled “Add promo code”. Enter the promo code you have availed through the website or via email. Click the apply button. Your promo code will automatically direct and you will get your offered discount.

Everyone loves The Halal Guys Restaurant. Why?

The Halal Guys initially started with a food truck in New York City, then turned to offer halal food to Muslim taxi drivers who didn't have many sources of true Halal food in the five wards at the time. As a result, their famous chicken and gyros over rice platters, falafel sandwiches, and all-you-can-eat sauces were created especially the white sauce. Alongside the best halal food, Halal Guys offers great value deals and amazing discounts so that everyone can enjoy delicious halal food whether on the streets or in a restaurant outlet. Moreover, Halal guys also provide great discounts on parking fares and delivery services by uber.