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Dig Into Classic Subs for Cheap with DiBella’s Coupon Code

There is nothing so satisfying than taking a bite on a classic sub that is made using the freshest ingredients. The smell of fresh-baked bread packed with delicious salami, capicola, turkey, ham, you name it, and you’re probably craving for one right now! Though there are plenty of stores out there that do sell subs, none can compete with the traditional classic subs that DiBella makes. The best part? You can save money too with a DiBella’s coupon code.

A Brief Background of DiBella

DiBella has been around for ages. What started out as a family-run business has become one of the leading names when it comes to the tastiest classic subs out there. Even after all these years, they still prepare their rolls just like the way they did before. This means that you will always have fresh rolls that have just come out of the oven and prepared right before your eyes. Only then will the shop say that you are being served a classic sub from their brand.

They offer the highest quality of cheeses, meats, and various condiments so you can put together your preferred sub. Each order is prepared with love which is why many sub lovers make their way to DiBella’s. The combination of Italian and American roots is felt in their stores and with the delicious dishes that they serve every day.


And to make things even more special for their customers, they offer discounts from time to time too in the form of a DiBella’s subs coupon code. You can get one in the form of a gift card, or you can search for one online if you like. These deals will help you save a few dollars on your order while you enjoy a tummy-filling DiBella’s sub.

DiBella’s Delicious Menu

What should you expect when you step inside a DiBella’s restaurant? Aside from the welcoming ambiance, you will be enveloped with the smell of freshly baked rolls that are waiting for you. Their menu is packed with delicious options like:


There are several delicious-sounding subs that are worth exploring at DiBella’s. Among these are Godfather, which has Genoa salami, spicy ham, capicola, and your choice of ingredients and condiments, Veggie for the vegetable lovers out there, and DiBella’s BLT for the classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato. They also have the Build Your Own Sub where you can choose two or three meats for your sub.

Specialty Subs

DiBella is also offering its own unique take on fan favorites like chicken Philly, DiBella’s cheesesteak, Italian meatball, The Cowboy, chicken bacon ranch, and buffalo chicken. These specialty subs are worth using your DiBella’s $5 off coupon just because of the grilled chicken, meatballs, bacon, and more packed inside their freshly baked rolls.


If you are looking for something light, DiBella’s salad selection is worth a try. You have your choice of albacore tuna salad, antipasto salad, turkey club salad, buffalo chicken salad, chicken caesar salad, garden salad, Italian assorted salad, and more. These are perfect for those who want to ditch the bread and opt for a delicious and healthy dish that you can share with your guest. The vegetables are crunchy and tasty because they are fresh right from the start. Add the meat and you’ll be savoring each bite.

Kids Meal

You don’t have to worry if you will be bringing your child with you at DiBella’s. This is because they offer a Kids Meal that your child can enjoy as you and your partner indulge in your favorite subs. What you’ll get in their Kids Meal is a kid-size sub, applesauce, a fruit punch juice box, plus a chocolate chip cookie!

Where to Get DiBella’s Coupon Code?

With the year coming to an end, you’re probably thinking where will you find DiBella's coupon code 2022. If this is your first time to try the classic subs here, for sure, you will want to get your hands on their coupons too. Well, you can spot them here:

  • Sub Club

Join DiBella’s Sub Club and get $5 off on your first order. Being a club member means that you will have access to their latest news and updates so you will be in the loop on new dishes to be served and promos that are up and running. Additionally, being in the Sub Club means that you will also have access to discount codes and coupons so you can enjoy big savings for your orders.

  • Gift Cards

Another way for you to get your hands on a coupon code for this store is through their gift cards. Each card contains a discount code with the amount that you prefer. You can buy one to give as a gift or save it for a rainy day.

  • Senior Citizen

You can also take advantage of DiBella’s subs senior discount if you are dining with your parents. All they need to do is to present their ID and they’ll get their orders at a discounted rate.

  • Coupon Sites

Where else can you find a coupon code for DiBella’s? How about coupon sites like CouponApprove? These sites put together all available deals from various merchants so it is likely that you will find one from DiBella’s here too. Check the code if it is still valid and use it the next time you place an order in person or online.


Is there a save $ coupon code for DiBella’s coupon code?

DiBella’s does offer coupon codes to their customers so they can save money whenever they order from their store. You can find one when you join their Sub Club or if you get a gift card from the shop. You can also search the internet if there are any coupon codes that you can use for this store. Look for coupon sites like CouponApprove since these sites often pull together all the coupons that are available in the market so you can use their platform to find the right deal for you.

How much can I save using a coupon code at DiBella’s coupon code?

This depends on the deal that is currently running for this shop. You can save from 10% to 50% and more plus free shipping when you hit a specific amount on your order. Look for the best offer that you can take advantage of and make sure that the deal is still active so you can redeem it on their site.

What is the latest DiBella’s coupon code discount code?

One of the latest coupons that you will find for this sub restaurant is their DiBella’s coupon code 50% off. Having this code makes it the perfect time to indulge in your cravings for a sub or even a specialty sub from this shop. If you are on a budget, just use this coupon so you can extend your savings further.

What is the best coupon code for DiBella’s coupon code?

So far, the best coupon for this shop is their 50% off. Just imagine ordering your favorite subs and paying only half the fee. Make sure that you read the fine print for this deal so you will know what to order and how long this deal will be valid in the market.

How do I enter DiBella’s coupon code?

You can redeem the coupon code directly on DiBella’s website if you are going to have yours delivered to your home. Once you are on their website, add the subs, salads, cookies, or specialty subs to your cart. From here, go to the checkout page and search for the coupon code box. This is where you will have to paste the deal and click on Apply. The deal should be applied to your total price.

Satisfy Your Cravings for Subs at DiBella’s

What makes DiBella’s stand out is the fact that they managed to retain their traditional way of making bread throughout the years. They bake their bread fresh and put them in the oven twice to ensure its freshness. Add to this their quality meats, salads, condiments, and others, and what you get are subs that are truly out of this world. No wonder that DiBella’s has expanded to 44 stores across five states.
It is also possible to make your dining experience here even more memorable when you use a discount code. This is a great way to save money without missing out on the fantastic subs that only DiBella’s can make. You can score your DiBella’s coupon code from their Sub Club, by getting a gift card, or searching online for one. No matter where or how you are going to get these deals, one thing is for sure and that is you are guaranteed to save money for every order that you make.