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The Complete Quick Guide to Cameo for 2021

Cameo is the short appearance of the celebrity in the personalized video for the purpose of advertisement or delivering motivational messages. Cameo is a US-based internet-based company where people hire celebrities to give a boost to whether their service or a product or to deliver a motivational message. For example, the government hired celebrities to motivate people to fight against COVID-19. On the directory of Cameo, you can find top actors, comedians, athletes, musicians, and reality stars. All-stars demand prices according to their popularity. But there are some celebrities who do a cameo for the sake of goodwill. The range of Cameo prices depending on the stars is low as $1 to high above as $25,000.

Know what Cameo is.

Selecting the right talent for the right option through Cameo gives a big platform to the people make money with the help of their celebrities. Cameo makes a way for people to keep in touch directly with their favorite celebrities. Anyone who is interested to boost up the business or delivering the motivational message by shout-outs can hire top celebrities including actors, comedians, reality stars, athletes, or even tik-tokers for such purposes. Moreover; you can make your personalized sharing videos by hiring your, and your loved ones’ favorite celebrity to deliver lovable messages on their special occasions, holidays, or on birthdays as a gift through Cameo.


For instance, you can hire Naturi Naughton (Actress) for the promotion of your jewelry business or you can hire Gilbert Gottfried (Comedian) to send a funny and lovable birthday message to your loved one. Thousands of celebrities are available on the Cameo directory including social media influencers; it depends on you to whom you hire for your shout-outs. You must hire a celebrity by keeping the budget of your pocket as the price of the Cameo videos depends on the celebrity you are hiring.

A price on Cameo starts as low as $1 up to $5 for those celebrities who are not that famous and high as $900 to $15000 for the well-known and recognized celebrities like Chelsea FC player, Romelu Lukaku charges $500 for cameo and actress Caitlyn Jenner charges $2450. Steven Galanis (CEO of Cameo) says that actor of ‘The Office's Brian Baumgartner earned more than $1 Million from Cameo videos in the previous year of 2020.

Cameo’s Background

Cameo is an American video-sharing website situated in Chicago established in 2016 by Steven Galanis, Martin Blencowe, and Devon Spinler Town Sand, a site that permits celebrities to send private video messages to fans. By May 2020, a larger number than 30,000 whizzes have assumed control over the appearance index. Cameo is positioned nineteenth among Best Startups in the US by Forbes and ranked number 32 by LinkedIn.

Steven Galanis and Martin Blencowe had plans to make a cameo subsequent to leaving the last ceremonies of Galanis' grandma. Blencowe's occupation included filmmaking and doubles in the NFL. In April 2016, Blencowe met NFL player Cassius Marsh to figure out how he was saluting his partner on his child's prosperity. The group understood that "Selfie was the new signature". Daldal tweeted a photograph to acquaint his fans with the site, and it was posted on March 15, 2017. Hotshots with more than 20,000 Instagram devotees can establish standards with Cameo. This page was made during the COVID19 pandemic since it places limitations on friendly distance. In July 2020, the site conveyed a publicizing cover to purchase Superstar Brackets, an extremely reliable association for associations. How does Cameo work?

Which celebrities are using Cameo?

Cameo is the US base website where people hire top celebs for creating personalized shorts to deliver messages to their loved ones or to promote their businesses. American native celebrities included many modern screen Hollywood actors, athletes, social media influencers and many others use Cameo. It can be clearly seen that celebs use Cameo for making money, another way of earning, from the statement of Cameo’s CEO Steven Galanis that actor of ‘The Office's Brian Baumgartner earned more than $1 Million from Cameo videos in the previous year of 2020.

How can I request a Cameo for promotions?

Have you planned a surprise gift for your loved ones by sending them wishes at their special events? If you have prepared your mind to request for Cameo from your favorite celebrity then, here is the detail of how you can request a cameo for the purpose of promotions and to deliver messages to your loved ones as a gift.

  • To request a cameo, you really have to register and visit the Cameo Marketplace through the Cameo site or application, where you can rank countless celebrities. An application structure that characterizes within 250 characters what it has to do with its presentation limit. The cameo perceives the expenses for direct charge cards. US residents using Apple phones can also buy Cameo Credit to save in their wallets and trade accounts later.
  • After the application is finished, Cameo talented performer has seven days to endorse or dismiss the requested role for a cameo. At the point when the topmost celebrity name is recognized, they record the video and send a recorded video link to the mobile phone numbers and email addresses recorded in the solicitation to appear. Customers can download the video perpetually and share it if they feel it necessary to share.
  • Attempt to be pretty much as explicit as conceivable with your solicitation like your relationship to the Cameo beneficiary, numbers, and subtleties.
  • On the off chance that the hired VIP celebrity doesn't follow the solicitation within seven days, all costs will be restored in the customers' wallet which was deducted from the purchaser's wallet.
  • A few cameos additionally offer live zoom calling, despite the fact that you can anticipate that they should be more costly than standard-looking accounts of comparable limit. With the Cameo App, you can likewise convey skillfully through direct data. It's a modest choice if you want to ask your favorite celebrity or make a mob immediately.

How can I request a Cameo for Business?

Get great rates when you use Cameo for Business to book virtual corporate events, marketing materials, sales, and celebrity presentations for employee identification. Here is the simple way to request a Cameo to advance your business towards success by hiring your favorite actor, athlete, reality stars, instagramers, comedians, and other famous celebrities.

  • Cameo offers a different help for organizations hoping to advance an item or have a superstar show up for a virtual occasion. Business Cameos have a normal cost of 1,000 however accompany an alternate permit for a limited time and business use.
  • Note that Business Cameos are just authorized for use for 30 days after they are made. Appearance says organizations should contact the organization straightforwardly to broaden the permit past thirty days. Appearance Live meetings are likewise accessible for organizations and virtual occasions, with a beginning cost of $ 10,000.
  • Organizations hoping to book services on Cameo can peruse and browse the market center on their own, or they can decide to band together with Cameo for admittance to their VIP celebrity services. This famous celebrity service incorporates a devoted customer achievement agent, prioritization for your solicitation, and a forgoing of the 5% service fee charge. For more information data about the celebrity services, organizations should book a call with Cameo.
  • Any item or a product being shipped off a well-known celebrity for advertisement or promotional purposes should be cleared through the Cameo demand process in advance, and the hired celebrity is permitted to give their genuine assessment of any item, product, or service they're approached to endorse.
  • In Cameo policy, it is also mentioned that special promotional personalized video recordings cannot be altered, in order to stay away from talented celebrities' videos being utilized outside any connection to the subject at hand.
  • Celebrity service individuals can talk with their customer agent for a potential do-over if the celebrity says some unacceptable name or doesn't meet exceptions and assumptions.
  • Organizations who decide to book through self-help have fewer choices for correction and can connect by means of email to the customer care group.
  • Unluckily, there are no discounts or reshoots for Promotional Cameo videos in case you're unsatisfied with the eventual outcome, so be cautious before you submit your request on Cameo.

Cameo Promo Codes

Join Cameo and register yourself to get Cameo Promo codes. By becoming the prior customers of Cameo you can get special offers and ideal deals on your personalized video shout-outs from your favorite celebrities. Promotion codes regularly will not work past a specific date; that is an exceptionally normal justification behind limits to be declined. In any case, to be protected, consistently attempt to utilize the code during its legitimacy period.

Earn $5 credits with friends referrals

Refer Cameo to your friend and avail of $5 credit which you can use for future purchases.

Avail of $10 credit on your first Cameo

Cameo is offering $10 off for its new customer and new account purchase. Once you have made up your mind to create personalized celebrity shout-outs, register yourself on Cameo after getting agreed to all Terms and conditions. Hire the celebrity by whom you are inspired of. Create your cameo and get a $10 credit on your very first Cameo which can be used for further purchases. Coupon for $5 off.

Happy Shopping! Enjoy $5 off on your first cameo order only at and save for the next purchase.

Cameo celebrity promo code

Usually, customers save around 15% on Cameo. Your savings on Cameo depends on your purchases and on the price of your chosen celebrity. Compare the prices and the offers that cameo is providing with the promo codes or discount codes you have already availed. Then use the right promo code to the right option before it gets expired.

Cameo Timothy Delaghetto promo code

Get the best advice regarding society and culture and top of them are about dating and relationships from Timothy Chatarangsu, Nikki Blades, and Rick Shucks in ‘no chaser with Timothy Dilaghetto’ at exclusive discounted rates.

Cameo theatre promo code

The cameo movie theatre is a smaller Cameo cinema storing market products at Cameo cinema. You can get 20% off on the products and services at Cameocinema by Cameo Promo codes, coupons, and great deals. Moreover, you can get a $30 discount on tickets including; music concert tickets, Theatre tickets, and sports tickets via Cameo promo codes.

Cameo silhouette promo code

Get 50% off on verified Cameo Silhouette Coupons, discount deals, and promotional codes nationwide to save money.

Amazon Coupon Code for Silhouette Cameo

Is it fair to say that you are looking for an "Amazon Silhouette Cameo Coupon Code"? Amazon provides results collected from a variety of sources and tailors them to the customer's interests. You can, of course, get information about "Amazon Coupon Code for Silhouette Cameo" on Amazon Website.

Cameo Application

Cameo application is an ‘Editors’ Choice award-winning app’. Cameo wonderfully works as an advertisement purpose and truly perfect gift for someone very special. The Cameo application also allows you to speak competently through direct messages. Talking is a cheaper choice, provided all you have to do is interview a superstar or send a sharp roar. How much does an outgoing message cost? Performance recordings and DMs start at $ 1 and can go up to $ 2500 for high-profile superstar celebrities. Cameo DM messages are less expensive than video requests.

Cameo Gift cards

These additional terms only apply to prepaid gift cards (each gift card) purchased electronically from Cameo Gift, LLC, a limited organization (issuer) in Virginia, to which consumers submit a section.). These additional terms do not apply from some other gift certificates issued by the issuer, Baron App, Inc., or their separate partners, including free, as a coupon, or as a promotion. As used in these additional terms, Cameo refers to Baron App, Inc. and it has partners, including issuers.

Gift Cards purchasing

Gift cards are valid if purchased online from the exhibitor at (gift card website). Cameo will not be responsible for any false gift certificate or any incorrect, slanted, or incorrect balance in terms of gift certificate details.

Limitations for Gift cards

A user can purchase a gift card with an initial matching between USD 10 and USD 500, as per permission on the Gift Card website. A customer cannot purchase multiple gift cards in one day from the issuer for more than USD 10,000.

Activation and Delivery methods for gift cards


All gift cards are electronic instead of genuine gift certificates and are sent via email only. There are no delivery or processing costs. The gift card has no balance or value until the installment is received and the beneficiary activates the gift card. Cameo is not responsible for non-delivery, non-delivery, or incorrect gift cards under any circumstances, including incorrect delivery data includes email ids or your personal information, or for delivery time.


Gift Card will only be activated once the beneficiary who has or should have a record on Cameo completes online funding at


Gift cards can only be used online for some Cameo offers at or the Cameos mobile application for some specific Cameo offerings.

Cameo pertinent offerings

A gift card can be used for cameo videos including business cameo videos, cameo DM, cameo stickers, and some other cameo recordings recorded by a cameo in print. Gift cards may not be used on any other cameo offerings, including political cameo products, cameo calling, cameo live, fan club subscriptions, or tips for talent users. Gift card balance or price cannot be used to buy another gift card.

Gift Cards Balance

The cost of each exchange paid for the gift card will be set against the balance on the gift card. If the price exceeds the balance, the buyer must pay the difference. If the price does not exactly match the balance, the unused item will remain in the balance until it is reclaimed and the gift card balance is reduced to zero.

Reload restrictions

The gift card cannot be reloaded.  That is, after purchasing a gift card, assets cannot be added to it.

No installment payments

Cameo may refuse to confirm payment of installment via gift card if Cameo confirms that gift card: is an invalid number; has balance or value of nothing, was not implemented; cannot be found within Camus Framework. Cameo may also refuse to accept installment payment via Gift Card if it is a misrepresentation, butch, adaptation, error in any section, or against any applicable law or policy, its terms, or these additional terms then, there is a violation.

FAQS about Cameo Promo Codes

Let’s answer the questions you frequently ask about Cameo Promo codes.

How can I get Cameo discount coupons?

Fortunately, most of the top coupon websites offer discount coupons along with the cameo website itself. Just search for the best website that is offering you great deals and amazing discounts on your personalized shout-outs by simply searching the website through your search engine by typing the Cameo Coupon code.

How do I use my coupon for Cameo for free?

It is good to know that all the coupons are always free to use. Remember that Cameo coupons are free of cost to be used. If any website asks you to pay some amount to buy a Cameo coupon then on the first hand reject the offers because such sites are scams. You are all free to use Cameo Coupons without a doubt.

How can I get Cameo promo codes?

Cameo offers a great platform for people to create personalized videos by hiring top celebrities to send funny or lovable messages to their loved ones as a gift or to promote their business.

Promotional emails

To request a Cameo you need to register yourself on the website of Cameo. After getting registered on Cameo, subscribe to the newsletter. After the subscription, you will start getting the promotional emails from Cameo on your email Id. Login to your email and avail the best deals and discounts through promotional codes links send to your email.

Cameo website

Besides the promotional emails, you can get the Promo codes through the Cameo website as well. Visit the cameo website and simply need to login on to the cameo web page. When you will log in to the page right after you will start getting notifications about the best deals and discount offers.

Search engines

The easiest way to get Cameo promotional codes is to surf the internet. Use your favorite search engine and type ‘Cameo Promo Codes’ in the search bar. As a result, you will get a list of the websites that are offering promo codes for the cameo. Select the top-rated coupon website and get your verified discount promo codes.

How do I use my Cameo voucher code?

A voucher is a receipt for redeemable transactions. This small piece of paper holds the code which brings a discount to your purchase. By entering that code in a given voucher code bar you can redeem your transactions and can save tons. Vouchers can be used once only. One voucher is specific to one product or service. If you have a voucher code for instance for some specific product then you cannot use that voucher for another product or for a service. Vouchers can be availed from stores or from promotional emails. O use your voucher code you only need to copy the code given on the voucher and whether type it or paste it in the given voucher bar. Click the apply button. Now your transaction will be redeemed automatically.

How do I enter my Cameo promo code?

To enter the cameo promo code, press ‘get code’. Then copy the code and paste it in the specific bar for promo codes available at the bottom of the checkout process. Click the apply button and your discount will automatically be generated.

Creating Cameo: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Cameo to record whatever you want to deliver through promotions or to send loving and blissful messages to your loved ones through their favorite superstars, or to deliver real custom video messages from many fields and genres, real superheroes. Cameo always allows hiring a variety of stars. You and your friends and family will always remember these amazingly unique gifts.
Moreover, you can join Cameo too as a Cameo talent if you have a huge fan base audience. Make your personalized shout-outs and start earning a handsome amount from Cameo. Create a cameo by recording custom videos or sending motivational messages to your fans. Get the leverage of the power to influence your fans by creating personalized celebrity Cameo to promote your business and inspire the audience.