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Buy a Box Promo Offers MTG Players a Chance to Score Rare Cards.

Magic the Gathering fans know full well that purchasing a booster pack or even a whole box is going to be exciting and scary at the same time. The biggest benefit of investing in a booster pack is that there is a possibility that you will find a rare and expensive card in the mix. The downside is that there is also a chance that the contents of your booster pack is not what you are looking for. If you want to get the best value for your money, you should definitely check out Buy a Box Promo.

What is a Buy-a-Box Promo?

Purchasing the whole set of MTG booster packs is not really a good idea, even though it will increase your chances of getting the best cards in the lot. One reason behind this is that you will be dishing out large sums for this. Now what if we tell you that you can get the most out of your box by being able to choose which booster packs to go in your order, but also the chance to get a promotional card in the mix?

For those who are wondering, “What os a Buy-a-Box promo MTGT?” The answer is simple. These are boxes containing several booster packs plus a promotional card. Before, these promo cards were included in the booster packs so you might be lucky to score one there. However, today, you will need to order a box to avail of the promo card.

The good news is that the Buy a Box Promo has been around since 2009 which is why there are several options out there for you to choose from. Among these are:

Oath of the Gatewatch Buy-a-Box Promo

This was first released in 2015 with an impressive intro card for the box. Players were encouraged to join the Release event in order to score some great additions to their decks. The Goblin Dark-Dwellers made the cut for this promo.

Modern or Master Horizons Buy-a-Box Promo

This is the first ever of its kind that aims for the Modern field even though it has not reached the Standard play. And it is because of this that the designers were able to flex their creativity a bit more. The Fluterstorm is now included in this set. It was originally printed in 2013 for the Commander deck back in the days but was not allowed in Modern. This Buy-a-Box promo pack changes it.

Amonkhet Buy-a-Box Promo

Another example of this promo pack is the Magic the Gathering Amonkhet Buy-a-Box promo card Archfiend of Ifnir. This is a powerful card to add to your roster as it lets you put a -1/-1 counter on your opponents cards whenever you discard or cycle a card.

Kaladesh Buy-A-Box Promo

The Buy a Box Holiday Promo is a great idea for those who consider themselves as MTG players or know of someone who is addicted to this game. One example of this holiday promo is the gift box Buy-a-Box promo Kaladesh. If you are interested in getting a box of Kaladesh booster packs, your seller can toss in two additional bonus packs into the mix. This only runs until supplies last, however, so you know what to do. The MTG Buy a Box Holiday Promo is definitely a good place to get a good value for your money.

Ixalan Buy-A-Box Promo

The Ixalan XLN Buy-a-Box Black Friday Treasure Chest promo pack was one of the most awaited deals in MTG circles. MGT offered an alternate art for their customers who purchase an Ixalan box. You can also search for 2x Ixalan Treasure Chest Buy-a-Box promo booster pack while you are at it to give your deck its much needed boost.

Aether Revolt Buy-A-Box Promo

The Buy-a-Box Aether Revolt comes with three different designs for the booster packs. These will include designs for Tezzeret, Ajani, and Kaladesh. You can also score Planeswalker decks too. In the Buy a Box Promo for the Aether Revolt, you will get the Scrap Trawler. Customers who join the Game Day can get their hands Trophy Mage plus more surprises.

Can You Get Discount Codes for Buy-A-Box Promo Packs?

Magic the Gathering doesn’t offer promo codes for discounts, especially for their Buy a Box promo. However, they do offer a coupon code for their gamers so they can redeem freebies when they play in their local guild or arena. The promo code can be found on MTG’s website as well as in third-party sites. You don’t want to miss out on these amazing offers since you will be taking something home every time you join their Game Day. Who knows? You might be lucky to score a SOI Buy-a-Box promo when you remain active in your local MTG store.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get discounts on your MTG orders because there are coupon codes that you can use when you purchase from their website. You just need to keep your eyes peeled for these deals online, just like what you did before with buy a bundle of promo codes for Red Box.


How do I get a discount code for Buy a Box?

If you are looking for a discount for Buy a Box for MTG, you can check their website if there are any deals available. However, they don’t often release these coupons for this promotional box, but they do give out codes that can be redeemed by players during Game Day. These deals are listed in blogs.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other ways to get discounts, you can try online coupon sites like CouponApprove. There are MTG deals here that can be redeemed from sites like Amazon where some of these Buy a Box promo can be found.

How do I use my Buy a Box promo code for free?

If you do manage to find a promo code for this offer, you can visit the website of the nearest MTG store or seller in your area and use it at the checkout. Like it was mentioned before, the promo code for free booster packs and other items are usually redeemed during Game Day so you might want to check this out.

How can I get Buy a Box discount codes?

The best way for you to find discount codes for Buy a Box is online. There are coupon sites that may have promo codes for you to try out. However, you need to double check first if they are active so you can redeem the deal. On the other hand, you can use the deals that you have found in sites that do sell Buy a Box promos just like in Amazon where the offer can be applied at the checkout.

You can also take advantage of coupons offered by MTG itself for its players which you can use during Game Day to score freebies.

How do I use my Buy a Box discount code?

For those who have a Buy a Box discount code, you should visit the site that sells the product and add the item to your cart. After, proceed to the checkout page and look for the discount code box at the bottom of the order summary. This is where you need to paste the code that you have and click on Apply.

How do I enter Buy a Box discount codes?

The discount code must be entered at the checkout page. There is a discount code or promo code box there where you should enter the offer that you have. Make sure that the code is the right one for the item in your cart. Click Apply to retrieve the offer.

Save More on Promo Packs from MTG

Spending money on booster packs is not a bad idea, but not if there is on guarantee that you will get a card that will be useful for your deck. If you want to get the best value for your money while purchasing your MTG deck or booster pack, why not try their Buy-a-Box promo? This offer has been around for years now and has given customers access to rare and expensive cards at cheaper prices. Not only that, you have plenty of booster packs to take home plus a promotional card has a real value.
There are different Buy a Box Promo up for grabs which you can check from their roster from their main website. If you are looking for other avenues where you can purchase them for a cheaper fee, there are e-commerce sites that you can follow too. Make sure that you take a look for discount codes if there are any as well.