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A Quick Guide to Using eBay Code

eBay is a popular online shopping platform where customers can find new and used goods from various merchants across the globe. From clothes, to personal effects, to electronics, and more, this shopping site has made life more convenient for consumers everywhere. Those who are on a budget can take advantage of purchasing used items on eBay or make use of any available eBay code to get additional discounts.

A Quick Guide to Using eBay Code

How to Use an eBay Coupon Code?

Signing up with eBay gives you access to discount codes and vouchers that can be used to partially or fully pay for eligible items on site. For new eBay users, follow these steps in redeeming a coupon code.

  1. Shop on Look for sellers who accept PayPal payments since PayPal is the platform used to redeem any coupons available on the site.
  2. Select the item or items you wish to purchase then move to the Checkout page.
  3. Enter the redemption code once you check out the item. Look for the text box for Coupons, gift cards, or certificates where you can enter the code that you have.

Take note that eBay coupons will not require you to enter any personal information such as bank account, user ID, email address, and the like.

How will you know if you have any existing coupons on your eBay account?

  1. Go to eBay’s website to sign in then open My eBay.
  2. A list of available coupons will appear in the summary section.
  3. You can hover your mouse over the “My eBay” tab to see if there are any coupons or codes available.
  4. Click on the ‘coupon’ message under the offer to know more about it.

Coupons in eBay are offered to customers as incentives to shop online to get additional savings. These eBay coupon codes are redeemable and can be used to pay for any item on site provided that they are eligible and that the discount codes have not expired yet. Additionally, not all coupons require customers to have an eBay account during redemption but this will depend on the terms and conditions of the offer.

Ebay codes are usually seller-based. This means that they will only work for specific merchants. Double check the coupon code’s offer.

Tips When Using eBay Discounts During Online Shopping

There are a few tips that you should know about using an eBay code when you shop on the site. For starters, these codes come at a limited time offer only which means that you need to double check their expiration date prior to proceeding to check out. Here are other tips to consider.

  • Only one coupon can be used for every purchase.
  • Coupons as well as discount offers are non-transferrable.
  • Review the terms and conditions of the offer to determine what is included and what is not prior to using it at the checkout.
  • You are not required to pay using PayPal in order to redeem an eBay code or coupon unless the terms and conditions state it.

What About eBay Voucher Codes?

For those who have received voucher codes, they can only be redeemed by eBay users who have a PayPal account in the United States only. This is because a credit card or a bank account will be required as an added security measure. The vouchers can only be used on items on eBay where PayPal is accepted otherwise they are not eligible for discounts.

If you want to redeem an eBay voucher, you will need to do the following:

  • Shop online at eBay then buy an item. Note: Any purchases made via mobile devices are excluded.
  • Use the code at checkout. If there is any remaining balance from your previous eBay voucher, it can be applied on your current purchase. It is possible to remove any discounts on your order if you prefer.
  • Partial redemption of an eBay voucher is not allowed unless the cost of the item is less than the amount indicated on the discount code. Any balance remaining on the voucher can be applied on your next purchase.
  • Users can check their available balance in My eBay under the Buy heading located in the left side of the menu.

Tips Regarding Use of Vouchers in eBay

Just like when using an eBay code, there are terms and conditions on the proper use of vouchers on the site. For starters, these vouchers cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash, or refunded unless the law states otherwise. They are not designed to be used for purchasing Gift Cards or even Gift Certificates on the site either.  Other conditions that need to be noted are:

  • There are no expiration dates or fees that are applied on these vouchers.
  • They cannot be used to pay for any service fees on eBay or PayPal.
  • Consumers who redeem a voucher agree to follow the rules as indicated on the discount voucher.
  • Only consumers who are 18 years of age and up are allowed to use these vouchers during online shopping at eBay.
  • eBay Inc. is the one responsible for these vouchers and as such can change the conditions of the vouchers or even assign a third-party seller to fulfill the contents of the program.
  • eBay does not provide any warranties for any goods bought on site using their vouchers.

Consumers can contact eBay for any issues regarding their use of these vouchers.

Where to Find eBay Promo Codes?

If you want to save money while shopping at eBay, you can join their mailing list to receive the latest news about discount coupons to use upon checkout. You can go to eBay’s Deals page to see the latest eBay discounts or go online to find sellers who are offering a promo code for their product listed on eBay. There are several sites that pull together all available eBay coupons for ease of use. Just make sure that the code hasn’t expired and that you read the fine print prior to using the code at checkout to avoid any issues with your purchase.

If there are no coupons available just yet, why not browse through the available Deals on site? These deals cover a wide range of categories so you will not run out of options to choose from. You don’t even need to wait for a code to get a discount as these items are already priced cheaply. Browse for any Spotlight Deals on their Deals Page if you want to get the biggest savings or Trending Deals if you want to save more on the hottest items listed on eBay. Categories are filtered to which makes it more convenient to browse for items under your preferred category.

What is eBay Bucks?

There are several ways for consumers to save money when shopping on eBay. Aside from vouchers and coupon codes, there is also the eBay Bucks Rewards Program for eligible eBay users. Members can earn eBay Bucks for qualifying purchases. After each calendar quarter, the user will receive a reward that is equal to the Bucks earned through a Certificate. The Certificate can then be used on your next purchase.

Applying for eBay Bucks Rewards Program is currently closed. Those who are already members cannot create a new account under the Rewards Program nor is it allowed to transfer your rewards to another account.

Earning in eBay Bucks Rewards Program

Members of the Rewards Program will be earning 1% on top of Bucks Bonus Promotion that the site may run for qualified items. Once a user has received the bonus, they can activate it before shopping on eBay which, in turn, will help you earn more eBay Bucks in the process. All Bucks earned will be rewarded with a Certificate after each calendar quarter which can be used to avail of discounts.

Currently, eBay is retiring the base earn for the Rewards Program. On a good note, the Bonus Promotions will continue but only for a limited time. Additionally, all Bucks that have been earned before or after April 1st, 2021 through eBay’s Bonus offers will be valid for the next 12 months.

There are limitations on how much you can earn through eBay Bucks Rewards Program. Usually, the highest that you can earn for a single purchase is $100. The most that you can earn in a calendar quarter is up to $500 only. It is possible for you to earn additional Bucks together with other promotions such as when you redeem an eBay code during a purchase.


There are numerous ways for consumers to save money while shopping on eBay aside from opting for used items. For those who have signed up as eBay users, they will receive discount codes immediately or you can sign up to be added on their marketing list to receive all the latest news and eBay coupon codes for qualified items.

There are no free delivery or free shipping coupon codes being sold by eBay. Avoid these sites that are selling such codes as they are not valid on eBay.