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Bring Defi to 3.4 Billion People

First ever Defi powered by eCommerce

Transforming Defi, E-commerce & Fintech. Helping you stack crypto, farm rewards, enable payments, create NFTs and earn $$$ whenever you shop.


DeFi 2.1 for the masses

A sustainable DeFi, taking the best from popular DeFi networks such as Ω(OHM), TIME.

In current DeFi apps LPs are parasitic, meaning the rewards they receive are either governance tokens or tokens that have no real use case or value. They lose their value over time as users reap farming rewards increasing their circulating supply. You can see that in most DeFi projects. With time, for the same capital you have invested your gains/APY decrease, and also the value of the token. So it is not profitable to provide liquidity and liquidity providers then move to the next shiny DeFi to get higher APY. As this model is not sustainable.

However, in CouponApprove our DeFi app is based on the global eCommerce economy. Thus every time a transaction happens CAC tokens are bought on the open market and burnt. Opposite to traditional DeFi as the network gains traction the scarcity of the token increases making it more profitable for LPs. Thus non-parasitic in nature. It’s a no-brainer to become an LP with CouponApprove. We are the First-in-its-class DeFi with non-parasitic LPs with deflationary token mechanism build in.

Get what is Yours!

How many times have you searched online for coupons when checking out, and after going on a wild goose chase, find nothing working most of the time.

Did you know big coupons and deals platforms make billions off your online purchases and mostly don't share a penny with you whenever you search for a coupon or discount deal?

Well, this changes now through CouponApprove.

Disrupting MarketDisrupting MarketDisrupting MarketDisrupting MarketDisrupting Market
Disrupting Market

Disrupting the Trillion-Dollar Industry and online shopping experience

CouponApprove is here to disrupt the Trillion dollar e-commerce industry by creating a platform that connects merchants and consumers seamlessly. Using blockchain as the foundation of CouponApprove, we remove the middleman for our customers to receive their rewards with every purchase they make. These rewards are delivered to you in the form of CouponApprove tokens or better known as CAC(CouponApproveCash), which you can hodl or exchange into other assets through our Defi app.


Receive CouponApprove Cash 💰

Unlike existing companies, when you shop through CouponApprove, users will be able to get savings for nearly every purchase on any brand, regardless of a working coupon or deal. Isn't that amazing.

Quite simply, we pass the commissions we receive through to you. You receive this in our in the form of CouponApprove Cash tokens.


Swap it for any Other Token

Of course, you can redeem your CouponApprove Cash in other cryptocurrencies or simply use it to checkout. Our platform also integrates into our Defi application. However, you don't need to worry about what Defi is or the underlying magic. Quite simply, you can swap your tokens with a single click.

Our ultimate goal is to help people save money without them knowing about crypto.


Provide liquidity and earn farming rewards

We believe in empowering you with tremendous rewards and savings. Moreover, we want to make it easier for you to participate in our Defi economy and earn farming rewards by growing your investment while you shop. You don't need to be a cryptocurrency expert to make an earning in our ecosystem. Just buy your favorite products, earn rewards, and we help you stack up crypto.

Token Burn

Hold an asset with constantly increasing value

As there are a fixed number of CAC tokens, so whenever a user uses the platform, tokens are bought from the open market and sent to that person pushing token price.

Any redemptions on the platform trigger token burn as transaction fees generated from redemptions are used to buy CAC tokens from the open market and burn the tokens—taking them out of circulation.

Unregistered users interested in only using coupons or deals will leave behind unclaimed tokens—these unclaimed CAC tokens are burnt as well. In short, you don't have to be a cryptocurrency expert to make your money grow. CouponApprove does it for you. So Hold tight.


Get the best price every time—no need to sign up for every e-commerce store. We got you covered.

Forget the need to create multiple accounts on different e-commerce platforms and websites to get the best price. CouponApprove's AI will create an account using the information you have provided, which you can use on multiple sites secured only to you. Skip the tedious process to signup and remember your account, passwords, address, and billing details on thousands of stores. Also, avoid being bombarded by SPAM emails since you can control which emails are sent to you.

All items that you want to purchase are moved into a single Shopping Cart. One-time payment is all you need to grab these goodies at discounted prices too. The best part is that you get your rebates in full and get rewards as well. One-stop shop to rule them all.

Additional Features

NFT Bridge: Take your purchases into METAVERSE!

Create timeless memories with your special purchases through our NFTs. Your digital record will be kept in the blockchain accessible to you any time you want—no need to keep paper receipts that will eventually fade. You can use our NFTs to file claims for products for faster results too.

Open banking APIs and more

By Integrating Open Banking APIs, we plan to use AI for consumer purchases, analysis, and data prediction to offer the best deals. Users can also transfer their tokens between each other and use them to pay for services with our partners.

Our Partners

Costco WholesaleAir FranceNikeBest BuyAli ExpressAdidasDisneyBed BathWalmartMacy'sSamsung

Over 4000 brands coming soon…

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