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About Us

CouponApprove is designed to disrupt the trillion-dollar industry of online coupons by creating a self-rewarding mechanism that benefits both the merchant and the customers. Every purchase that customers make, a commission will be sent to us. In turn, we tokenize these commissions and pass them back to our customers through their digital wallet. Unlike other online coupon sites, we don’t keep these commissions but rather send them to who has earned them, and that is you, our customers.

Why CouponApprove

Shoppers are always looking for deals from their favorite brands. After all, any discount offer can go a long way especially when you are on a budget. Aside from the seasonal sales that merchants participate in, they also release discount coupons as extra incentives to their customers. These promo codes are also found in online coupon and deals sites where, when you use their links, they will receive a commission. This sounds fair, right? Yes, but what if their coupons are not working? Well, they still get paid for it!

Think about it. Every time you visit a coupons & deals site, copy the code, then purchase a product, a small percentage will be given to the coupon site. But what about you? Where is your reward? Sadly, there are plenty of deal sites that keep all the commissions to themselves regardless of whether the promotional codes and vouchers that they have are working or not. This is not the same with CouponApprove.

With CouponApprove, you stand to get the following:

  • Working coupons and vouchers from well-known brands.
  • Tokenized commissions for every purchase you make.
  • All token rewards will be sent to your digital wallet which can be monetized in different currencies.
  • You can Hodl your tokens in CouponApprove’s DeFi platform to increase its value.
  • CouponApprove tokens will not lose their value overtime.

How Does CouponApprove Work?

An online coupons and deals site that gives you all the rewards does exist. This is what the main goal of CouponApprove. We believe that bridging the gap between the merchants and customers makes good business for everyone and what better way to do that than use the latest technology to make a self-rewarding mechanism?

But how does CouponApprove work anyway?

  • Go to CouponApprove’s website and find the deals or brands that you want to shop in.
  • Browse the available collection of the merchant and add items to your cart.
  • Redeem the discount coupon at the checkout.
  • The CouponApprove platform will record the transaction then receive the commission from the merchant.
  • CouponApprove calculates the tokens that should be sent to the customer based on the commission that they received.
  • CouponApprove buys the right amount of tokens from the DeFi platform and sends it to the customer.
  • The tokens will be credited to the customer’s e-wallet.
  • Customers can choose what currency their tokens will be when they redeem them from their e-Wallet.

All rewards and cashbacks that are offered by merchants will be transformed into tokens by CouponApprove as long as you use their platform for online deals and coupons. You can choose to join their rewards program and get your commissions and rewards, or not. Any unredeemed tokens in the DeFi platform will be bought and burned to keep the value of existing tokens high.

Consolidate Your Shopping in One Platform

CouponApprove is also designed to make your shopping experience by doing away with multiple sign ups. This means that there is no need for you to subject yourself to joining the mailing list of your favorite brands by signing up multiple times. You don’t even have to remember all those usernames and passwords for your subscriptions either.

At CouponApprove, you will be given an email that is linked to these subscriptions with you having control over them. You will have your own set of passwords and you can choose which brands you want to have their newsletter sent directly to your personal email. You don’t even have to sign up yourself because we will do it for you based on the information that you have sent us.

You can even consolidate all of your shopping in one platform. CouponApprove lets you put all of your merchandise from different brands in one shopping cart and pay them in one go. This beats having to go to multiple sites to make a purchase! Put them in your cart and let our Open Banking API take care of the rest. This beats having to type in your email and password multiple times in a day just to complete your shopping needs.

Buy More, Save More, Earn More

Online shopping is the future. Not only is it convenient, but it beats having to wait in line to get inside the shop during their Sale. What’s more, you are eligible for more savings because of the discount codes and promo vouchers that they give out as rewards to their shoppers. Now, if you want to get more out of your online shopping, then take advantage of our CouponApprove platform.

With CouponApprove, you will have access to ongoing promos with our verifiable coupon codes and vouchers from our favorite merchants. You will find that more merchants are being added to our roster with all their latest discount offers displayed on our site. You can search by brand or by deal and we’ll take care of the rest.

CouponApprove connects merchants to their customers through their promotional offers that can be found on our site. With the commissions for every purchase delivered to customers in token form, we are offering more benefits to our users compared to others. We believe that since you are the one paying for your merchandise, you deserve to get the commissions and rewards.

This means that the more you buy using the vouchers and promo codes on our page, the bigger your savings will be, not to mention that you will earn all the rewards that are due you. At CouponApprove, your shopping experience will be smooth and seamless which is why it is guaranteed that you will keep on coming back for more.